June 12, 2009


BLOGS MaMa Buttercup loves:

Photo by Heather Bullard

Website: www.HeatherBullard.com
Blog: http://heatherbullard.typepad.com

Why MAMA (Buttercup) visits this site regularly:

Heather Bullard (Designer, Stylist, Photographer, Writer, Boutique Owner…..CREATIVE GENIUS) has created one BEAUTIFUL blog. I visit her site for inspiration in photography, recipes, entertaining, and decorating projects. Whether I spend 2 minutes or 2 hours…I easily get lost in the beauty of her creative work and can feel the authentic passion she has for what she does every day.

Heather just re-launched her on-line Boutique and I had the opportunity to spend a few minutes interviewing this very talented designer/photographer.

How Heather got started in her business:

“I can remember when I was first in college and discovered the land of antiques. I was driving down a main street and there was an old wooden painted box, kind of like a bridal box or a hope chest box, that I saw on the side of the road. I stopped right there in my tracks, turned my car around, went in and asked the owner how much it cost. It was $11.00 dollars and I had to put it on lay-away because I was in college and didn’t have any extra money. That was the moment that it started it for me. I realized that there is a whole world of stuff out there that doesn’t come from mass-market stores. The thrill that I got that first day I ripped my car around and put that first item on lay-away….I still feel that way when I am out and about. Also, I think for me when you embrace things from the past, not only is it environmentally friendly these days, but I think those things give a home character.”

MAMA: Tell us about the re-launch of the on-line boutique.

HEATHER: I wanted a fresh clean approach on the website. I wanted the site to be simple and elegant, easy for customers to navigate. I wanted the product and portfolio photos to be the standout. I am still working on adding more soft good and paper good lines but I am going to continue to be focused on beautiful home furnishings.

MAMA: Do you have a brick & morter store?

HEATHER: I used to, but found that moving the brick & morter (store) to the online boutique gives me a lot more flexibility to do freelance design work.

MAMA: What are you most passionate about in your work?

HEATHER: Rediscovering vintage items or flea market finds or finding something that has been tossed aside…bringing it home, turning it into something beautiful, and using it in my clients home or my own home ….that is what drives my passion!

MAMA: Who inspires you?

HEATHER: So many! The icons of course….who could really say they don’t love Rachel Ashwell or her influence? A lot of vendors and antique dealers in Texas…there is so much creative energy there. A lot of European, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish blogs/designers for their clean simplistic rooms, lots of white painted furniture…that really inspires me.

MAMA: Your pictures are so beautiful…any photography advice you would like to share?

HEATHER: I want people to know that it is not all the camera but more about learning the camera you have. Study it, take pictures, and then delete, delete, delete. Practice setting up vignettes and trying different shots. Practice in natural light, shoot at different times of the day. Consider depth in picture and shoot close ups. Know that everything doesn’t have to be perfect.

Heather Bullard’s photography and design work have been featured in the Somerset Life Books, Artful Blogging, Romantic Country, Romantic Homes….just to name a few. Click HERE for more information .


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