September 24, 2010


Photo by Shawn Stratmann in her office

It all started last winter when for the first time since I have owned this house, I painted a room WHITE. The room was my office, which also happens to be the room where I spend a good deal of my time. As soon as the color went on the walls, I felt as though I had been reunited with my soul mate…”where have you been my whole life?” I thought as I sat in my clear, energized office.
From there the take-down began. Room by room I have been incorporating shades of white. First my daughters bedroom. She said she wanted green, but I knew….I just knew we could give her the feeling of a “green room” even though walls were white. .
She loves it…and so do I.
After that, I added white tile to my kitchen walls….
Oh lawsy bee….how is it that I never had any white in my house????

Wanting to tie the brightness of the kitchen into the rest of the house, I was ready to tackle the the center hall foyer. Keeping with the cool tones, I added WHITE bead board with a cool dark blue on the walls. I love the connection of white and blue from the kitchen and its white subway and blue/white Portuguese tile to the foyer.
And finally, the Chicken Coop… had to be white.

I love how with white you can make a room ANY color by choosing accents and artwork. I love how no matter what time of day it is, if the sun is out, it feels bright AND I love how clean it looks.

I am thinking about finishing my “white project” with two more rooms..the dining room and the family room. I still will have several rooms with color on the walls, but that will round out the main flow of my house.


Down home friends and what they say...

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Rocky Mountain Woman said:

I never had much white in my house when my kids were young. My very favorite thing is a white down comforter..I have them on all of my beds now and it’s the ultimate in luxury to me!

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