February 28, 2009

What do Phyllis Diller, Honest Abe, and Kermit the Frog have in common?

Answer: They are all exhibits at the Museum of American History.

Oh how I love when school is not in session and we have the time to go do something fun as a family. Since we had a spring “like” day, we decided to head into Washington, DC to go to the Museum of Natural History. Here are a few highlights of our day!

MaMa and PaPa Buttercup wanted the kids to experience NEW things so we took a cab from the Metro Station…THEY LOVED IT!
I, of course, was squealing with delight at all of the architecture as we drove through the city.
Is there any kid who doesn’t call this magnificent structure, the PENCIL?
Tulip was FASCINATED with the Abraham Lincoln exhibit. We spent over 45 minutes taking in all of the information in that room.
I was fascinated with Phyllis Dillar’s shoes and…

Kermit the Frog.
Other Museum of American History highlights worth mentioning….First Ladies Ball Gowns, the flag that inspired our National Anthem, and exhibits on the history of African Americans and Jews in the United States. If you are able to check out this wonderful Museum, it is worth it at any age!


Down home friends and what they say...

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Cameo said:

Yes, Yes,.. truly a good time….. we took our 11 year old daughter in the spring last year ( cherry blossom time) and stayed for several days………… I think the highlight for her was having sunday brunch IN the museum of art and catching a glimpse , and a cell phone photo of the Declaration of Independence ( thank you Nicolas Cage and ” National Treasure” )…. but there is sooo much to see and do …….Glad the girls loved the cab ride…….. those drivers can be pretty adventurous!!!… How did I miss the Phyllis Diller shoes?…….I really dig those!!!!!!

Michaela said:

I went there once and really enjoyed it! Did you see the original Dorthy ruby slippers? Those and Kermit the Frog were my favorites!

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