August 10, 2009

Wedding Dog Walkers

When my cousin asked the girls to be her official “Wedding Dog Walkers”, they were over the moon with excitement.


They took their job very seriously…
each holding a part of the leash…
keeping the dog steady and controlled…
…they walked Miss Lily down the isle…
And delivered her to her rightful spot.


Down home friends and what they say...

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Puna said:

This is absolutely adorable.

Michaela said:

Aw. Thats so sweet! I love their dresses!

Elayna Nyland said:

Hi Shawn,

Just wanted to say great photos of your girls; they are beautiful. Was sorry Bobby and I missed the wedding, but I heard you had a camera and were busy taking pictures. I am hoping you will post lots of pictures so for many of us who missed the wedding, we get to feel as if we were there.

Glad to hear you and your family is well.
Elayna (Marquis) Nyland

Valerie said:

Too cute! So glad you shared! Have never heard of “dog walkers”, but absolutely love the idea! Must share with my sister as she is the dog lover in our family!


Joy Levesque said:

The pics are great. So nice seeing you all!! WE both had a wonderful time. Joy

Great Uncle Bob said:

Thanks for posting the dog pictures. Wish that Rosalie and I could have been there to see everybody. Your grandmother said the dog walkers were especially impressive.

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