January 5, 2009

Waste not, Want not-The failed Gym Membership

Last year, David and I realized that we had spent over $12,000 on Gym memberships over the last 8 years. GULP!!! (scary “Latte Factor” moment) At one time, we even belonged to two Gyms. Hard to admit, but true. Now, if we had used these memberships, loved the gym, and stayed in shape, I would argue it was money very well spent. Unfortunately, we hardly ever did go to the gym. In fact, some might argue that the longer we belonged to the Gym(s), the fatter we have become. GULP, GULP!!!

I have also spent a small fortune purchasing Exercise Tapes. I have used them more than the gym, but no where near what they are worth.

Here is one positive thing about the economy slowing down: I have become more aware of “Waste”–waste of products, time, and money. I have made the commitment to evaluate spending decisions by asking these questions:

1) Is this a need or a want?
2) In the long term, will this make me happy?
2) Does this support our family values or my personal values?
3) Would I still need it or want it in a week?

(Disclaimer: I DO NOT think spending money is negative–but WASTING IT IS!).

Here are the answers to the questions above when it comes to working out. Working out is a NEED for me. It WILL MAKE ME HAPPY in the long run to be in better shape. Working out SUPPORTS my family values to stay healthy. In a week, I will still want to be HEALTHY AND IN SHAPE. So how do I achieve this goal with out being wasteful? Choose healthy activities I LOVE instead of those I dread.

1) I love being outside. I am making a commitment to be outside at least 20 minutes everyday doing something active. I enjoy a great hike and walking always makes feel better.


2) I love to Irish Dance and will continue to take my class once per week and practice at home two times per week.

3) Last but not least, I am going to commit to doing at least two exercise tapes per week. I do like working out to them at home and I would like to make a dent on the investment I have made knowing that the end result will make every penny spent worth it.


Down home friends and what they say...

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