December 15, 2008

Walking the walk, instead of talking the talk

Many can speak well, but few can do well. We are better scholars in the theory than the practice part, but he is a true Christian that is a proficient in both. Anne Bradstreet c. 1612-1672

I think one of the best ways to teach my children values, is to live those values myself. I believe if I want my children to say thank you, read, or find a passion in life, I need to demonstrate the same. This theory holds true for helping others. Since I birthed my children, on my list of things to do, “helping others in need” (outside of our home), has been pretty low on the totem pole. As Christmas is nearing, I have been hearing a lot about “lists of wants” in my home and realized that if I have any hope of changing that tone, we would have to get out and do something for others. I was very excited when we were invited by my in-laws to participate in a food basket project where we could all work together. This local church run program will deliver 147 food baskets to families in our area next Saturday morning.

Box of Food3

Each basket will include enough food to feed a family of four for about a week.

Food Basket Prep

We arrived before the assembling team to help with the set up.

Julianna Counting Hot Chocolate

My girls were given this task: put 15 individual packets of hot chocolate into a bag, tie the bag ,and put bag on the table. Julianna practiced her counting skills.

Food Basket Cereal

And then they were asked to prepare the cereal bags for the assembly team.

147 Food Baskets

147 boxes of non-perishable goods ready to go next weekend.

Food Basket Team

We worked hard , we worked together, and loved every minute of it. The best part about the morning is that I didn’t hear one mention of Christmas lists. There was no bickering or whining. I didn’t think about the dust bunnies in my home, the gifts that need wrapping, or the 10 lbs I want to lose. Instead, I felt like our family made a difference. My greatest hope is that my girls will now have a meaningful reference when we talk about people who need food for Christmas. I also hope that 2009 brings more opportunities like these to work together as a family.


Down home friends and what they say...

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Meg said:

Thank you for sharing this blog! It’s beautiful, wonderful, nurturing, and FUN!! Looking forward to watching it grow…

colleen said:

I am so proud of my friend! Thank you for opening up your spirit to the world. Your blog is simply… divine!

maribeth said:

at last, life at buttercup farm is available for all to enjoy! congrats, shawn!

Chrissy said:

Inspiration! Simply put … that is Life at Buttercup Farm. Thank you for sharing with all of us. I look forward to watching your blog grow!

Michaela said:

I really want to help with this some year. I’m inspired!

Ali said:

Hey guys! i had no idea you had a blog!! This is sooo cool!!

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