March 31, 2009

Vegetable Garden Inspiration

After months of pouring through Books and Magazines…I have found my VEGETABLE GARDEN INSPIRATION! When I design a garden or a room…it comes down to this question…How do I want to FEEL when I am working in it, looking at it, and living with the it.
This garden makes me feel “LUSH, COLORFUL, and BOUNTIFUL”.
Designed with undulating pickets (ranging from 4 to 6 feet), this fencing system made out of rough cedar, will help discourage deer from entering.
Dividing the garden space into a four square design easily allows for both utilitarian function and beauty. And, the “Early American” style of this garden, matches the look of our home and existing gardens.
I am thinking about attaching the FLOWER and HERB garden to the VEGETABLE garden. TWO Big FENCED Squares attached by ONE LONG PATHWAY! BEAUTEOUS!

*Pictures from Country Gardens Magazine.


Down home friends and what they say...

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Rebecca said:

Shawn - you have struck gold! This is so beautiful, and I am picturing it with your lovely farmhouse and land…so right, and historically-accurate, not to mention the lushness. I think connecting the two gardens would be such a garden-fantasy come true…then, be sure to share images so we can vicariously be there with you!!

Isn’t it so satisfying to find what you are looking for after long, dedicated research? Congratulations for your persistence!

artist in NC said:

Shawn, can we just trade lives? I am dying here. It’s all so wonderful. And did you mention ANOTHER vacation? My goodness life is good at Buttercup Farm. LOL I am packing my bags!!

Kim @ Forever Wherever said:

We have three raised beds for our vegetable gardens. I have tons of flowers mixed in and I can’t wait to have it all full grown. It’s all kinda tiny right now because we started with seeds.


Animator's Wife said:

I love your garden plan. The fence is beautiful and practical. And I LOVE the twig vine supports they built. I will have to come back and study them for a while to see how they did it. Any explanation in the magazine?

Thanks for sharing this great idea!

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