February 26, 2009

Twinkles of Delight

TWINKLES OF DELIGHT–Yours for the taking. What are they? They are moments in your day which cost nothing. Free for the taking. DELICIOUS WINKS of time. All you need is your eyes and your heart to be open to those MOMENTARY morsels placed in our path each day.

The other morning, the girls were finished getting ready for school and were unusually quiet. As I rounded the corner I saw this….
And I heard this…”cross your laces”
“Make a loop….Like a bunny ear…Good JJ…”
Biting my index finger knuckle….. tears in my eyes…thinking…RELISH this MOMENT MAMA….It might be gone in a nano.
My favorite part ….they were sharing one pair of shoes for this lesson…heart….melting…..Can someone please get me a mop?


Down home friends and what they say...

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Rebecca said:

Shawn - so, so sweet and tender - thank you for posting this! I have moments like this in my mind, and a few on video or still camera. I treasure them! You can feel great that you’ve fostered this kind of love between your girls!

cathleen said:

Very, very sweet.

pop said:

same moment with the adobe house project. I don’t remember which one of us enjoyed mud from the back yard more.
or listening to your assessement of the toyota tire condition after some skidding incident, knowing, four wheel drift was included in your driving instruction.
or your photos, what ever happened to the old OM 1
there will be many more moments for bith of US.

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