June 24, 2009

Tracy Porter Shopping Experience

Originally posted in February however, Tracy Porter is offering an AMAZING sale (an extra 40% of her clearance items) through June 28 so I wanted to RE-SHARE!

Once in a blue moon I am blown away by something EXTRAORDINARY and today was one of those days. Last week I ordered a TREASURE TROVE of goodies from the Tracy Porter Website. This was not my first order through this company (last summer I ordered their bedding), but it was my first order after becoming more involved with her community.

Many “blog comments” on her blog have mentioned the delicious packaging and rave about the goods they have received. I was so excited last week when she held a “LOVE” sale for Valentine’s weekend offering very generous sale prices. I jumped in right away knowing this was my chance to purchase some of my very own TRACY PORTER creations.

Well let me tell you, just opening the box was worth the money I spent. Let me take you through the journey of COLOR, DETAILS, and EXTRAORDINARY THOUGHT behind the packaging alone!







Have you ever experienced something as beautiful coming out of a cardboard box? I dare say NO, not possible. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Tracy Porter Shopping Experience. It is not just about the packaging or the goods you purchase (I must say they are extraordinary though) but about the story she shares during the process. Every item for sale has an accompanying video so the customer can really SEE what the product looks like. Tracy also blogs daily during the week where she and her crew share tips on Design, Gardening, Cooking, and Lifestyle. You feel like you are supporting a friend by purchasing! Any company who takes the time to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS with their customer by ENHANCING THEIR EVERYDAY LIVES with BEAUTY, INSPIRATION, AND THOUGHT paired with AMAZING and UNIQUE products, deserves KUDDOS!

Visit her exquisite and charming website Tracyporter.com to get a taste!


Down home friends and what they say...

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tracy porter said:

Darling Shawn…
Oh, well….just know i am blowing kisses your way sweetness! You are a die hard girlfriend…cannot wait to meet you in person…too much, really! I am blushing, and you are an angel……..
love, love…

Sarah Willett said:

Miss Shawn!!!

You’ve officially given me goose bumps…just checking the blog after we’ve settled into a relaxing Friday night at home… and wow!!! ….what an outstanding post you’ve honored us with today!! Thank you from all of us at Tracy Porter…. our philosophy is quite simple… we run our company in a way that reflects our fantasy experience as a shopper, as a loyal customer would expect.

As Tracy always says… if you pamper others… it will come back…life IS a full circle. We so hope you enjoy your goodies….we certainly enjoy designing and bringing them to you…there’s nothing more satisfying than that connection for us.

Thank you for joining us each day on our blog….we are absolutely humbled to have inspiring women like you in our lives each day!!! Have a wonderful weekend… on your charming farm ….with your lovely family(how ’bout those girls!!!…they’re just beautiful!!!).

Warmest wishes!!!

Sarah Willett
Executive Vice President

Rebecca said:

Shawn - So true that Tracy Porter (the woman, the website, the clothing, and YES! even the packaging) just meets me right where I live and I agree completely that the whole experience is unique, innovative, enjoyable, and beautiful! I too was blown away by the thoughtfulness that goes into the customer’s opening-the-box experience. It’s right up there with the opportunity to learn from Tracy and her team on so many topics through the daily videos, and to communicate through the blog. In fact, it’s very dear to my heart because it’s where I met you, and you have been so instrumental in helping me dream about and formulate my own website and blog! Your clothing choices are beautiful, and your photography is stunning! Enjoy the goodies (I think I have the same ones except for the hot pink tunic…), and keep up your own vibrant energy and enthusiasm!

Pamela said:

Good Evening Shawn,

What a beautiful way to show the fantastic experience of shopping with Tracy Porter! That is exactly what I feel when I get a package.

It is pure delight to see the box on the front step. Another to open it and a third to try the luscious items on. Then you get to wear everything and not only do you look elegant and pretty, but you get many compliments about the piece.

I bought the Persian shirt, too, and was blown away by how silky soft it is and the embroidery on the cuffs is a detail that you can’t find in other places. Stunning!

Tracy’s items, whether they are fashion or for the home, have a creative spirit and energy to them. They make your heart and soul sing.

Thanks Shawn, for putting images and words to the gift of Tracy Porter and Company. You hit it out of the ballpark with your sentence about how they build relationships with their customers.

When you write a comment and hear back directly from Tracy or Sarah, that is the kind of personal experience that you are writing about. It’s cherished by all of us.

Thanks for making my evening after a long day of dog walking in the Minnesota snow.
You are a sparkling light!

Cameo said:

You are sooooo accurate my love!!!!! The excitement and joy that captures you physically and mentally once you open the brown cardboard box……. to find PARADISE……. needed to be expressed in words and displayed for all to enjoy….. THANK YOU for doing this. So proud of you! You are such a special person. I also hope to meet you someday. So happy you purchased the Artisan vest…. it is going to look smashing on you! Have a wonderful weekend love. PS …..Will be watching the Colonial garden take root!

Dawn said:


Thank you for putting into pictures what I felt when I opened my own boxes from Tracy! I was so caught up in the moment that I thought of snapping a picture after I tore thru everything…it is all so lovely….the packaging is like a special little gift! I wore my Artisan Vest today…what a beauty…enjoy all of your treasures!


Robyn said:

What a grand website…Your place is so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mom and I were on your website for awhile on Friday…the farm is so lovely!! You are inspiring to all of us…We want to come and visit….Just LOVELY xo Robyn ( Tracy’s Sister)

Shawn from Buttercup said:

Good Morning Ladies,
I couldn’t be more thrilled about the connection felt to this post. My intention was simply to share the beauty and thought behind the Shopping Experience at Tracy Porter. This company, the people behind the magic, and the products they share with us, are all SPECIAL.

p.s. I did check my webstats this morning and this post has made it to my TOP 25 posts read (that was in one day)!

Gleacia said:

Shawn, you have put into words the things I wanted to say about the “Tracy Porter” shopping experience. It was a thrill for me to purchase her beautiful fashions on sale and I got the opportunity to experience a Tracy Porter piece. She is truely blessed with this gift. The gift of beautifull things.

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