July 21, 2010

To Paris with Love

Dear Paris,

I am writing this letter upon my return of meeting you. Before I made the journey, I had heard much about about how truly wonderful you are. I had seen pictures, read stories, and listened to others allege their love affair with you. So much so that I felt a lovely familiarity with each experience I shared with you during my short one week visit. You did indeed look as I expected you to…charming cafes on every street corner, old buildings laced with rod iron railings and flower filled window boxes, and of course, loads of epicurean delights and smells strewn about each street.

I am surprised by how imprinted I became by the details that made you so special to me.

The way you served your food at tables facing the street to make it easy for a view of the passerby and the wonderful street activity you possess. So few places I have been where I feel I have license to stare at people. I usually feel that I need to be more discreet in my viewing hobbies, but not with you. Each meal felt fancy because of the extras presented along the way. A bowl of olives, bread on a board, charcuterie as a meal, ice cream served in a cold pewter dish…so thoughtful and simple.

I too was surprised by all of the music wafting through the city, from the group of burly Hungarian singers belting out a tune in the subway, to the street performers who so confidently delivered intricate street dances, and alas, the little old man in the old tattered wool sweater strolling through the train playing the stereotypical french tune on his accordian. Music is now part of who you are in my heart.

My adventures were many. Riding a bicycle in Versailles, visiting Marie Antionette’s homage, and of course, the Lourve and Musee d’Orsay. An interesting trip to the Flea Market and dining at Ciel de Paris to watch the city night fall and the lighting of the Eiffel Tower were also some of my favorite moments.

I visited you to celebrate my 40th birthday. I couldn’t remember a time in the recent past where I felt so wonderfully young and alive. Thank you for being such a wonderful host. Until we meet again…..

Love, Love,




Down home friends and what they say...

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Valerie said:

Oh my, Shawn!!!

What a lovely post and what a lovely birthday celebration. I am so excited to read that you did this for yourself for your 40th birthday. What a treat indeed…one to linger a lifetime.

Your description of Paris is beautiful and I can’t wait to visit there myself one day. It sounds as if you had a wonderful time.

This year for my birthday, I get to have a baby! Not quite the same, but a lifetime gift as well!

Glad to read your post. Miss hearing from you,


Bobbie said:

Shawn, So happy for you to visit the beautiful city of Paris. I check your site everyday and was delighted to experience your take on Paris! You look great and happy. I love anything French….Have you read any Collette? One of my favorites is “My Mother’s House”. Collette was ahead of her time. What are you planning for the rest of your summer? Bet your chicks are grown now, any eggs? ~Happiness & Smiles~ Bobbie Fey

Rocky Mountain Woman said:

I want to go to Paris!

Isabella said:

Dear aunt shawn,
OMG!!!! I’ve wanted to go to paris my whole life! it’s a great way to celebrate your 40th birthday and your pictures are sooo beautiful! I haven’t seen you since you got back but when I do see you, you have to tell me all about it!
Lots of love, Isabella

Meg said:

Really, I think these sentiments to Paris are better expressed in person instead of through a long-distance letter…. LET’S GO BACK!!!!! :)

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