January 3, 2010

Thinking for 2010

Starting something new is a wonderful excuse to THINK. Thinking is a discipline just like exercise or learning a musical instrument. Without practice in the art of thinking one can easily proceed through life without pause, measure, or adjustment, simply by way of obligation and expectations. One of the best pieces of advice I heard years ago from John Maxwell was to own a thinking chair. A quiet place to sit for 15 minutes everyday to sort through your thoughts. I find that my best thinking is done during rote activities in my day. I am oddly flooded with thoughts and ideas during showering, doing dishes, and blow drying my hair. I have learned to keep paper close by to capture what is flowing from my brain, otherwise I risk losing them forever. It is also during these time that I allow myself to dream.
When I look back at my 2009 Dreambook, I am inspired to dream again.
My 2009 dream highlights can be directly related to me thinking and dreaming in 2008. Writing down my dreams inspired activity. Dedicating a little time each and everyday toward my goals helped me to reach so many of them. Here are few of my favorite 2009 dreams come true:

  • Relearn how to play the flute. By taking a lesson once a week and practicing an hour a week, I have advanced to playing at a Grade 3 (eighth grade level). Not bad for someone who last played the flute in 7th grade 28 years ago. The level of my playing doesn’t mean much to me except that when I play it sounds like music. This little dream I wrote down last December brought me a lot of joy in 2009…especially since my daughter and I are learning together.
  • Save Buttercup Barn. Limited by both time and money, for years we watched this beautiful building crumble and dreamed about bringing her back to what she once was. 2009 turned out to be the year to tackle the barn renovation. Each morning for 4 months I met with a team of wonderful barn restorers to plan, order, and arrange. Fixing the barn was one BIG dream that ended up encompassing additional dreams 1) Farm Enhancement 2) Making creativity more accessible (art studio, dance studio). 3) Bring people together in “memory making ways”. We hosted our first annual Harvest Moon Party and several other events in the barn including a big Irish Dance practice for a group of 30 girls.
  • Build up the Buttercup Farm Gardens. This year we tackled and completed the Cutting Garden.
  • Travel with our children. We had wonderful opportunities to travel to Charleston, Dominican Republic, Williamsburg, Florida, Dallas, the beach, camping, Vermont.
  • Launch Avenue P business website. My business partner and I developed, wrote and launched our new business website. For 10 years we have worked with many clients helping them achieve their business goals through marketing and business development. Our dream of sharing our business and marketing knowledge with more than our current client base has become a reality through the creation of the new website and blog.
  • Live a more creative life. When I launched the Life at Buttercup Farm website last December I didn’t quite realize that it would become my playground for creativity. Having a place to write and share my photography has opened creative doors I never knew possible. Additionally, in 2009 I attended my first ever creative workshop, INSPIRED. I met some amazing people, learned some new creative skills, and lost some of the fear of I had of doing art.

I am grateful for each and every moment of this past year. With as much as was accomplished, it was a transitional year for me. I had to spend a lot of time learning how to use the software to run both of my websites. My husband and I had to spend an extraordinary amount of time in our businesses adjusting to the changes based on the economy. We worked hard to set into motion a new 2010 business plan. In part, 2009 has been a year of building the foundations needed to build for bigger dreams.
Dreaming is about dreaming of the possibilities. As I am formulating my dreams for 2010 and beyond, I am thinking bigger. My new dreams are about touching more lives.
Using my writing, speaking, life and business experience to make a difference to others, both personally and professionally, is the path my dreams are taking. I look forward to what the future holds.


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Bobbie Fey said:

Your future looks bright to me and reading your blogs is making my life bright too! I enjoy reading your wisdom and it is making me stretch myself at age 66. Thank you, Bobbie from Spokane

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