February 3, 2009

The Media Room-In Progress

So much going on at the FARM HOUSE these days! Back in December, I captured a wonderful wintery scene that really reminded me of how much I love the color brown in decorating. I mentioned at the end of that post that a “big painting” project was beginning and that I was inspired. I was referring to the start of our newest project….the “MEDIA ROOM”. Here are a few photos of what this room looked like when we began.




This room was VERY bright…but for a TV/Media Room it was a little TOO bright. The purpose of this room is for our family to “hunker down”, “get cozy”, and “act cuddly” . I want warm and inviting..a place to relax and let go. We don’t watch a lot of television, but when we do (weekends), this is the room we enjoy the most. The room is separated from the main living area by a set of french doors, so it is convenient to be able to shut the doors if someone in the house does not want to hear “the tube”.

I decided on a Formal “English” look using warm tones. The walls are an “Oval Room Blue”, and the trim is a “Mahogany Brown”. The outcome is YUMMY! This picture doesn’t to justice to the colors but I love the overall look.

This picture better shows the color combo.

I painted the closet doors, the ceiling, and the raised TV wall this beautiful dark brown.

And the window treatments….A dark black/brown denim with a raised print. I fell in love with them when I saw the fabric against the wall and trim color.

Still left to finish the room:

  • Dress two more windows
  • Find a lamp for corner
  • Hang pictures
  • Create a “London Wall” on the TV Wall (what is a London Wall you ask???…check out Tracy Porter’s video to see!)

In time Buttercup….In Time…..

Walls: Farrow and Ball, Oval Room Blue
Trim: Farrow and Ball, Mahagony

I am adding a link to this post to The Inspired Room . Melissa runs a “Beautiful Life” forum on Fridays.


Down home friends and what they say...

Comments (11)

artist in NC said:

Love, love, love the brown trim. It’s one of my favorite colors. Came here from Tracy’s blog and I agree the “London Wall” will be the icing on the cake!

Aileen said:

I really like the new window treatments! They give the room a warm, finished look.

teresa said:

the room does give me a warm comfy feeling. The color combinations is great- Thanks for sharing and giving me some ideas.
Have a great day.

Fifi Flowers said:

It’s coming along nicely! Love the colours!
ENJOY your day!

Darlene said:

LOVE your brown doors. What a beautiful idea. I also love the name of your farm. I am longing to name ours, but alas, the right name has not come. Let me know if you have any ideas!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said:

Beautiful room!

We lived on my husband’s family farm for many years. His parents moved there in 1944. We lived there until 2003. It was the family farm for almost 60 years,I wish someone had named it or I had named it. It was always known as the farm.

Enjoyed my visit here.

suzanne said:

If it’s possible for a room to be delicious, this one IS! I love the brown trim, the luscious blue color, and your whole design! It looks fabulous! i”ll be checking back in!


melissa @ the inspired room said:

WOW, I am totally swooning. I love this! The fabric, the blue walls, the yummy brown trim!!! {faints}

Love it!!!

Thanks so much for linking this so I could see it! Just got back from Blissdom and am finally catching up on everything!


Felicia said:

Looks beautiful :)

carol miller said:

Hi, thanks so much for the link…….absolutely love the
colors- brown is one of my favorites. Your house reminds me a little like mine…it is over a hundred years
old- farmhouse style with the wide front porch. I can’t
imagine living anywhere else. I have enjoyed the visit….
will come back soon to see the progress……it looks

Rebecca said:

Shawn - what a great set of red furniture, and those luscious brown doors really do look like chocolate bars!

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