July 14, 2009



To our dearest Gaby,

This summer we see you teetering…back and forth between little girl and young lady. Becoming aware of your desire to have more privileges and freedoms requires a balancing act in Mama and Daddy’s mind. We are learning to be patient as we watch you figure you which side of the world you are in and being brave as we let go of the reins a bit each day.

Living where we live has proven to be wonderful for raising you and your sister. We chose our little plot of land, with barn, and trees, and rolling hills, fulfilling a dream that our children would be raised in an open space that begs for running, building forts, climbing trees, and being in nature. For these gifts you (we) are fortunate. On the other hand, we do live on a busy road and don’t have a “typical” neighborhood that might allow opportunities for you to “go” ride your bike or “go” outside and play with friends without a pre-arranged play date.

Recently, we have been sensing your need for freedom and have been actively looking for opportunities where we can let you “go off” on your own a bit.

On our recent trip to Vermont, we felt we were in a place that we could give you a little freedom. Being in a safe family environment enabled us to let you break free from our needing to “have our eyes” on you every minute.

As we watched you ride your bike away from our camp each morning, we realized what a special time this had to be for you. You had a posture about you that let us know that it was time to let go of the reins . You demonstrated maturity by checking in with us to let us know where you would be and seemed pleased with the ability to “meet your friends” at the trampoline, inn, or boat dock without us right there with you.

Gaby, it is both exciting and scary to watch you grow up so fast but we promise you that we will do everything we can to give you the opportunities you need to “grow up”, figure yourself out, build self-esteem, and develop into the self-confident young woman that we know you are.

Mama & Daddy


Down home friends and what they say...

Comments (5)

Rebecca said:

Now this is a lucky (and beautiful…gasp) girl, to have such wise parents!

Puna said:

Such words that go right to the heart of every mother with a blossoming teenage girl. It’s bittersweet. Thanks for the post.

Meg said:

Note to self… have Kleenex nearby when visiting Shawn’s blog… XOXO

artist in NC said:

Beautiful girl, beautiful sentiments!

Valerie said:


This post was beautiful (as is your darling daughter)!

Our firstborn is turning 5 in a couple of weeks and I’m already panicking! I can’t believe that my in vitro “miracle” will start Pre-K this fall (see, I couldn’t even send her to K even though she was eligible; just too young in momma’s eyes)!

Blessings to you as you enter this new and exciting parenting stage!


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