April 20, 2009

Tasha! Oh, My!


After dinner the other night, I left the dishes on the table while I went upstairs to change the laundry, organize backpacks, and and clean up a glue spill (just call me Cinderella). Upon entering the great room I see TASHA on TOP of the dining table, licking the plates! GET THE HELL(O) OFF THE TABLE, I SQUEALED!!!! In response, she rolled over on her back (on top of the table) with her paws in the air as if to say…I LOVE YOU, OH WONDERFUL ONE! She got away with it because she insinuated that I was wonderful!



Down home friends and what they say...

Comments (5)

Michaela said:

Haha! Thats very funny! She’s a hoot!

Kit said:

Tasha has been up on the dining room table before. When I was with the girls while you were tanning in the Dominican Republic, I made the mistake of leaving some food on the table while I left the room. Maggie is the worst counter-surfer, but Tasha has learned a quick trip up via the chair is an easy way to get a great bit of food that tastes a whole lot better than her dog food. I didn’t think you really needed to know about it, but now she is habitual. Bad dog, Tasha. Love, Mom

Rebecca said:

Oh, that face! Love the “makeup” you gave her - including the horns!

BOSSY said:

If Bossy’s Dane did that she’d collapse the table and likely the the floor underneath. Of course all she has to do is meander over to the table to have her way, no leaping or stretching necessary.

Meg said:

Ha-ha, Tasha, your Grandma ratted you out!!! (Hi Kit!!!)

Sorry, couldn’t resist… Tasha growls at me… without lipstick and eyelashes…

(Not diminishing her cuteness, mind you… just recognizing her manipulative schizophrenia…)

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