May 21, 2009

Taking Stock for Summer Creativity


As the school year winds down, I am starting to dream about how our summer will unfold. After a school year filled with demanding schedules, traveling, and obligations, we have decided to stay close to home this summer. I am dreaming about quiet relaxed days where we let the WIND, WEATHER, and MOOD guide our schedule. And of course, I am hoping for a lot of CREATIVE TIME with the petite ones.

I am currently taking stock of the creative goods around the house attempting to plan ahead for those quiet unstructured times on hot summer days. I have discovered that all the colored pencils are in need of sharpening, markers and glue sticks are long dried up, we are completely out of PAPER, and in general, the creative areas at the farm are a big unorganized MESS!

I have 4 short weeks, to tackle this re-organizing/re-stocking project. In addition, I would like to sit down with the kids to brainstorm and prepare for a few creative ideas of our own.

Here are some of MAMA’s ideas.

  • Read FUNNY poetry aloud on a picnic blanket under the Black Walnut Tree.
  • Make finger puppet theaters out of the cardboard boxes I have been saving.
  • Teach my oldest petite how to use the sewing machine.
  • Make a creativity “TO GO” basket so that when we hike/picnic we can grab it quickly.
  • Plein Air water color whenever we get the urge.
  • Let the kids experiment with a camera
  • Practice the flute OUTSIDE instead of INSIDE (when it isn’t too humid)
  • Go on a nature hike once a week, turn our treasures into something artful.
  • Teach the kids to prepare a meal from start to finish.

I can’t wait to see what the PETITEs want to add to the list. Oh, the possibilities!

Also, don’t forget…it is “A Beautiful Life” Friday over at The Inspired Room . Take a few minutes to check out all of the post links you will find there. It is a great weekend treat!


Down home friends and what they say...

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Pam said:

Shawn..I love your ideas! Like yourself I have been thinking about what to do this summer with the kids. We will have a newborn with us so we will most likely spend a great deal of time at home. I have been busy organizing and stocking our creativity armoire with all sorts of goodies! I think I just may steal your idea about teaching the kids to make a meal from start to finish….that is terrific! Thank you for your inspiration!!

Mary Claire said:

Great list Shawn! I really like the cooking, painting and camera ideas. We’ve made one in the past but It’s been a couple years and you’ve reminded me to get it going again because the summer flies by so fast!

Rebecca said:

Such great ideas! I find that when we take the time to do these kinds of creative projects, it feeds the children’s souls and really allows them to open up and express what’s going on for them right then. You are so smart to plan ahead! Can’t wait to see the results…

artist in NC said:

Shawn you are so inspiring. I think learning to use the sewing machine is the greatest gift. My grown daughter has a degree in costume design and it all started with a sewing lesson when she was a petite. The camera is another great idea. Oh you are really going to enjoy this summer….wish I was there!

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