September 27, 2010

Storytelling with Art

As I dig deeper to unearth my true creative voice, I find myself looking for more meaning in my work. What does this piece say about me? Does it reflect my story, my thoughts, my dreams? Am I listening to the whispers that guide me when I am painting, editing, or shopping for the bits and pieces that go into my work?
Am I recognizing the themes that pop up?
“Little Church on the Dell” and “Sing it with Spirit” from my new series, “Willie McCarty’s handwriting practice”

What are my inspirations? Do they come from nature, life, books, art, music, heart? Is my work supposed to be beautiful, meaningful or both? And finally, am I creating from truth and reflection?

The answers to these questions are slowly coming through as I attempt to create without fear or self-judgement. All I wish for in my creativity is that it is as it is meant to be.


Down home friends and what they say...

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mom said:

I love the new art and expression of the spiritual growth happening in you.

Can I trade a Teelin dress for a piece of artwork?
Love the woman you’ve become!

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