May 1, 2009

Something is stinky around here…

photo by Jardindave.

Yesterday, when I was walking Tasha, I smelled something familiar. The smell causes me to be very cautious when I go outside. I look in the bushes, under the cars, and around the corners. I KNOW that I might be a little over-reactive, but when I take that familiar whiff, I get a little edgy. We have had several “skunky” incidents here at Buttercup Farm, including the BIG ONE last spring.

At first I noticed it’s tail and thought…“cute kitty”. But then, I realized…”THAT.IS.NO.KITTY”. I also realized that there was something seriously wrong with this skunk. It is VERY rare to see a skunk walking around during the day. They are nocturnal. After getting no reaction from YELLING, “YAAAAAHHHHH”, a couple times and watching him for an hour, STAND UP, FALL DOWN, STAND UP, FALL DOWN…I knew…this skunk was RABID. Six phone calls to various agencies and neighbors with shot guns, led me to my only legal option. Call 911!

When the female officer showed up at my door…I explained to her what had been happening…”SKUNK curled up in heap…STAND UP, FALL DOWN…No RESPONSE to me yelling out like a lunatic”. HER RESPONSE..”AAAWWW…it is just a baby…I am an animal lover you know….”
YEA Lady, me too…but I am a dog and kid lover even more and none of us have time to be getting needle injections in our stomach right now, I thought. “Well”, have you thrown rocks at it?” Ms. Police officer asked. “UUMMM…NO”. I didn’t think it would be a good idea to tick off a rabid skunk less than 10 feet from the house. “Well, I am going to get a few rocks and see if I can get this cute, little, bitty, baby of a skunk to move”. “”OKEEDOKEY police lady” says me. After throwing rocks at the skunk for 10 minutes, the cute, little, bitty, rabid baby skunk looked confused and ticked off…but…still had not moved. Nice female officer says, “Well I think he will move in a bit, I am going pack it up here.” “UMMMMM…..what exactly do you want me to do…can’t let my dogs out, can’t let my kids out…errr…I can’t go out. Can you call your boss before you go?”.

After 5 minutes in her police car, consulting with her boss, animal lover officer returns to tell me that she has been instructed to shoot. Good move. As I hunched in a fetal position on the floor with my ears plugged by my index fingers and eyes closed (remember…I am an animal lover too)…I waited….and waited. Nothing. As I slowly open my eyes…POP…I see fur fly EVERYWHERE. But…wait…the skunk is still alive! It is spraying everywhere and it is still alive! I am going to summarize the rest of the story for you….after two more hours, 3 additional bullets, a shovel, more rocks, and 4 lawn garbage bags (don’t ask) being thrown at this poor rabid skunk…it was finally over. I spent the next 1/2 hour consoling the nice crying Police lady. She said she was crying about the skunk, but I think she may have been crying about having to fill out a police report that stating it took 3 hours, 4 bullets, rocks, shovel, and 4 lawn bags to dispose of a RABID skunk.

So excuse me please if I am acting a little spazzy over the stinky whiff I got yesterday while walking my dog…memories remind me of the possibilities ahead.


Down home friends and what they say...

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artist in NC said:

This story is fascinating to us city dwellers in the burbs. Glad all is well now!

Kiki said:

What an absolute disaster! I’m glad that the situation was ultimately taken care of, but sorry for all of the inconveniences and upsets along the way.

Desiree said:

Oh my goodness!!!!!,…I was thoroughly engrossed with this story!!!,…..amazing!!,…Poor you!,…poor police lady and poor little skunk!!!,….Glad you addressed the problem, and sorry you had to go through this!!,…!!,…..glad the petities weren’t home (I’m assuming)……just tooooo much!!
xoxo Desiree

Rebecca said:

Shawn, you are a wonderful storyteller! So engaging, and FUNNY! It’s a really nice aspect of your blog to hear your voice so clearly here!

Thank you!

RobinfromCA said:

Oh my gosh! Does weepy police lady still have her job? What a horrid experience but you told it so amusingly! Such a talent!


Mary Ann said:

OH MY GOSH!!!! What a story!! You were right to call the police!!! Anything can happen with a sick animal. I know you are a compassionate lady too so you wouldn’t have wanted anything to be done if it had been safe! Who would have thought it would grow into such a huge situation!! I’m glad you SURVIVED:)………We have skunks around here too…….They are the WORST!!!! Our dog has been skunked more times than I can count. I keep the de-skunking solution under my kitchen sink — always ready!! The smell is horrific as I’m sure you know!! And, like you, I’m always VERY cautious when that smell is around…..

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