March 23, 2009

Solo Dress Performance

St. Patrick’s Day week is a VERY busy week for any performing Irish Dancer. Last week, my oldest performed at four different events. She also had the opportunity to dance in her Solo Dress for the FIRST time. Here is a little peek!

1st Time Gaby dressed in her solo dress from Shawn Stratmann on Vimeo.


Down home friends and what they say...

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Desiree said:

SHAWN!!!… Is your heart not just bursting with love, joy, and pride??…
OH! GABY, You are sooo talented and lovely!!..Thank you for sharing, you brightened my day!
xoxo -Desiree

Dawn said:

Oh Shawn…I LOVE seeing your darling perform…I have LOVED Irish Dancing since, well, you know River Dance made it’s debut her in the US…what a thrill to have both of your girls doing this…she is just beautiful!!

artist in NC said:

Shawn, how beautiful. She has such grace and poise. i know you are a proud mama. Thanks for sharing.

Kit said:

Gaby looks beautiful. Her dress is gorgeous and her long hair is beautiful. And Gaby, GREAT JOB with your arms! Love, Nana and Pop

POP said:

I guess I’ve watched this about ten time and shared it with everyone in the office at least twice.

Michaela said:

Gabbyyy!!!!! You are so amazing and talented! I looked so good up there! ~and you looked gorgeous! (loved your solo dress)

Rebecca said:

I watched this with my daughter who is 10, and we are both very impressed! Gaby, you make it look easy, but we’re guessing it’s not…
Thank you for sharing your gift!

Virginia said:

Goodness Gaby - how beautiful you are. And, such grace! Shawn…give that beauty a hug from moi!

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