August 9, 2009

Six Pack

Summer 2009
It was the first time we have all been together since 2004. And the first time we have had our picture taken together since 1997.
Fall 1997

This six-pack belongs to my father. I, ME, MOI, the oldest…topping out at 39, brother, 38 (in a few weeks), brother 26, sister 25, sister 14, brother, 13. I don’t see any of them often enough for my liking…distance and various locations tend to present a few challenges. I, ME, MOI…in Maryland, Brother 38 in Western Florida, Brother 26 and Sister 25 in Virginia, Sister 14 and Brother 13 in eastern Florida.

I grew up with Brother 38. I never lived with the rest of the pack. Doesn’t matter though…I love them all.

I had the pleasure of taking my youngest brother on vacation with me a few weeks ago…he lovingly introduces himself as, “I’m the brother from another mother”….

…I giggle each time he says it. It was wonderful being together again.


Down home friends and what they say...

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