January 8, 2010

Run as fast as you can…

While touring Middleton Place my littlest petite started tugging at my jacket to get my attention. “Just a minute”, I said as I was listening to our guide and taking in the beauty.
“Mommy…I need to ask you something”, she said again.
I leaned down so that she could ask her very important question. “What do you need sweetie?” I asked. “I want to run….I need to run!”, she exclaimed.
The sprawling french garden lawn was speaking to her in a different way than it was speaking to me. My eyes saw the symmetry, the ornamentation, and the beauty. Her experience was more like a whisper calling her…“come…run on me…run as fast as you can”. I looked at her little face and then I looked up at the garden. “Go”, I whispered. “Run”.

And so she ran….making a wide loop circle toward the water. Giggling and free, she enticed my other petite to join into the fun.
And together they ran…circling and twirling on the wide-open lawn.
This was my favorite Christmas 2009 moment. Their observation of the garden tour was creative and beautiful. As I watched them run, I relished in their freedom, their laughter, and their moment. It reminded me that at one time we all had that feeling and I wanted to bottle it and make it last forever!


Down home friends and what they say...

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Cameo said:

Shawn love,……..I hope your trip to Charleston SC was pleasant………wished you would have contacted me……I am only one hour away………..we could have connected……….hope you enjoyed MY home land…….., MY stomping grounds………and everyone treated you with Southern grace…………..lots of thirteen colony history there…………I hope your darling daughters learned alot…….

Joni said:

Just gorgeous, and a precious moment, the innocence and happiness of childhood! I would dance with glee to see some green grass right now! Beautiful photos, lovely spot, indeed!

kate said:

So glad you captured that moment and shared with us! Run, sweet girls, run!

Ken said:

I know the “need to run” feeling but now in my 60s, this urging mainly comes by way dreams while sleeping … but when it does, it’s wonderful. It’s always one of those “I hope I can go back to” dreams. Your girls are beautiful, thank you for sharing this very special moment with us.

I’m OMSH’s Dad … nice to meet you.

Peggy said:

What a great day, memories that last a life time.

Desiree said:

Hi Shawn! Oh how beautiful and poetic this post is! Your writing is divine! Such a beautiful place,….oh to run and be free in the moment………….Happy New Year!
xoxo Desiree

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