February 18, 2010

Right Now….2.18.10

Life Inc. and Food Inc.
Life Inc.’s video promo makes me hopeful that there are people in the world who are thinking outside of the box when it comes to how we might turn around our government’s financial crisis and overspending habits. This author’s philosophy is capitalism and free market at it’s best.
and this….
Food, Inc.has forever changed the way I think about my food purchasing choices and how I want to eat. I am inspired that as individuals we have monumental power through our food purchases which can CHANGE our overall health AND food legislation.

After watching Food, Inc, I became a little obsessed with this stack of books. Knowledge is power.
One of my all time favorites and one that I visit just about every day for inspiration, style, art, and her dream of moving to “The Village”, check out The Cottage Nest.

My newest dream…an etsy shop, Buttercup Farm Goods


During the quiet days of the snowstorm I took these on-line classes which have inspired me to commit more time to my art.

Alisa Burke’s Canvas Collage, Recycling Remix, Whimsical Women
and this….
Mary Ann Moss’s class, Remains of the Day

I started my Paris Dreambook after I completed the Remains of the Day class. Oh, how I love working creatively on the sewing machine. It is in my genes.

I lost three pounds before the snow monster hit and then gained it back by shoveling food into my mouth instead of snow outside. So for now I report…Net ZERO. I guess I am going to have to give up eating for lent:-)
Tulip snapped this picture…I am loving how the belt tricks me into thinking that I have a waist.


Down home friends and what they say...

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Jen@thecottagenest said:

Girl! You are so sweet. And I think maybe we were twins separated at birth. Thanks for thinking of me!

Diane D\'Ambrosio said:

I also watched the Food, Inc. It too has made me rethink what my family and I are eating. I can’t say that I’ve lost weight, but I do feel a little healthier. Snow, by the way, is awful for the diet. It brings out the bear in all of us, getting ready to hibernate. You however, are gorgeous anyhow! Keep up the good work. Spring is right around the corner which brings us to garden season…which makes me want to graze…which is not at all like eating…it’s much healthier!

Kathleen von Raesfeld said:

I just stopped by your blog again today as I really enjoyed my last visit during the summer. I loved the video of your beautiful girls - mine are 9&11 - so special. Thank you for the inspiration to bring them into the yard and film! Your art is simple beautiful and I look forward to seeing more! Yes, I too collect cook books and am going to try dinner a la Rachel Ray tonight. Wish these jeans were not so tight and I have no excuse in California other than just gotta get out there and move around. Blessings! Kathleen

Heather Bullard said:

Absolutely loved Food Inc. We were so inspired by the movie that we are now building our own coop to have fresh eggs.
You look adorable with or without the +/- lbs!
Stay warm,

Rebecca said:

Shawn, you have been busy! So many good, creative, health-bringing things you’ve found this winter…this is the time to explore, read, watch, think, create and - yes - hibernate a little! Spring is coming and you look wonderful no matter what! Thanks for sharing your inspirations with us - and I love the new Buttercup Farm Goods logos!

Sandi said:

hi Shawn

I have not been to your blog in a while… (and I have missed it!) :) . it is good to be back.. I SO enjoy your beautiful photography and words. and your family.. and.. well …. just . plain.. radiantly. beautiful . .YOU!!!
Love, Sandi

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