February 25, 2011



Dear Friends,

I have not been here lately. I am on a journey of reinvention. I am reinventing my health, my dreams, my website, my business. It takes a lot of time to make BIG changes in life…sacrifices must be made. The time I had previously tucked away for writing has been reassigned to other things. Time with my family, time creating the framework, time to dream, time to workout, time to dance, time to LIVE. This makes me happy.

My new website and blog are coming soon. I am designing them to reflect how I want to live. Simple, authentic, free, and creative.

If anyone is still checking in on me…thank you. I hope you follow me on my next journey too.



Down home friends and what they say...

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Tiffany said:

Glad you are back :)

Alexis Asbe said:

Please keep writing about reinvention. It is inspiring to say the least.


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