February 5, 2009

Picnik-Photo Editing Software made fun and Easy

If you are looking for an EASY, FUN way to edit your Photos…Try Picnik!

In addition to editing photos you can make collages and fancy collages.


This program offers a lot its editing tools for FREE! I chose to upgrade to the premium membership for $24.95 per year for the additional options using curves and levels.

Here are some of my favorite features:

  • Easy to upload AND save pictures to/from computer, flickr, facebook, myspace
  • You can layer actions
  • A history is saved for each photo
  • Makes adding Text, Shapes, Frames to photos simple
  • Keep up to 100 photos in your “bucket” to work with at all times
  • Picnik continues to add new features all the time. Just added “Picnik-in-a-Box” with allows you to add Picnik photo-editing to individual websites (WOW!) and a few new “actions”.

Here is a quick DEMO to show you how easy it is.

1. Upload Picture from Computer- This picture is Straight out of my camera

2. Boost the color to 50%

3. Premium-Velvia Action (one of my favorites)

4. VIOLA! Finished photo

I do use Picnik everyday to enchance the photos for my blog. If you haven’t tried it yet…go ahead..It’s FREE!


Down home friends and what they say...

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Rebecca said:

Thank you for the heads-up about Picnik and the demonstration using your photo, Shawn!

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