March 6, 2009

Peacock Alarm Clock

Every morning in the Dominican Republic, I awoke to the sound of the Peacock Call. High and mighty he called from my balcony…to his lady friends…

Peacock alarm clock from Shawn Stratmann on Vimeo.

There is something about waking to the sound of a bird that puts a GIGANTIC smile on my face.


Down home friends and what they say...

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Virginia said:

This site is unbelievable, Shawn. What a memory!!! Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer said:

Shawn, you definitely need to have a couple of these beauties on your farm! Glad you’re back safe, sound, and rested.

Pamela said:

WOW! That is awesome, Shawn!
You were so close to them. What a beautiful atmosphere you were part of.
Isn’t it a miracle that they appeared at just this time in your life? A divine graceful gift.
I always thought if I could be a bird, I would love to be a peacock.
I have many peacock items in my home - a print of 2 white peacocks framed, a fan of peacock feathers that I got at the Renaissance Festival, a bouquet of peacock feathers in a green vase.
Our local B & B is called The Peacock Inn - I stayed there one night partly because of the name.
Thank you, lovely Shawn, for sharing this music and dance of the peacock. Your creativity is astonishing!!
P.S. Oh - Alexandra Stoddard’s new book about mothers is on sale at SuperTarget for $15.39. I know you like her. It’s a good one!

Desiree said:

Oooohhh Shawn!! I had a smile of gratitude on my face throughout this beautiful video. You captured the true beauty and majesty of this magical bird and the music …perfect!!!! What a gift you have given us; Thank you. I Really needed this today, more than you know!!
God bless, Desiree

Pam said:

Shawn…How lucky you were to wake up to that! Isn’t he/she magnificent! Because of TP and the sisterhood I am hooked on peacocks now! I hope you don’t mind I read what Pamela wrote earlier about Alexandra Stoddard..she’s a fav. of mine too. I didn’t know she had a new book out. I’m headed to Targay today!! Have a great day…xoxo Pam

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