March 18, 2009

ONE ROAD Trip - Dominican Republic

In the Dominican countryside, there is ONE ROAD.

The following photos were taken in a moving vehicle in a span of 15 minutes on ONE ROAD (their only road) at about 11:00am in the morning. There are so many subtleties to these photos which represent Dominican Life.

People, animals, homes, motorbikes and vehicles are shared with the main road.
Notice how close this home is to the road.

The morning school session had just dismissed as we drove through this small town.
There are so few schools in this part of DR that three sessions are held per day.
As a school aged child you attend EITHER morning, afternoon, or evening session. This schedule enables all children to attend at least some school.
In general, along the road you see a lot of people hanging out…
Passing the time away….
There are religious signs EVERYWHERE…..
With families of 4 and 5 riding motorbikes like this….
They need lots of prayers so that they don’t end up HERE…
One of the many cemeteries I saw on this short trip.


Down home friends and what they say...

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Michaela said:

Wow! Thanks for sharing this! These are great photos! I really want to go now!

Desiree said:

A different world, captured with tender -hearted eyes.
Thank you for sharing! xoxo

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