February 13, 2009

Nature Art


Artist: Mutha Nature (Herself)
Material: Live Oak Driftwood

Some of the most beautiful pieces of art I have in my home, come right from Mother Nature. I carried this piece of wood 3 miles from Boneyard Beach, Bulls Island, SC to the ferry boat taking us back to the mainland. I wanted to assimilate that memory into our home.


Down home friends and what they say...

Comments (3)

Rebecca said:

Wow, Shawn! Beautiful driftwood, so nicely displayed! I love the “finds” in nature so much too!

artist in NC said:

Beautiful vignette Shawn!!! I live on the coast and love driftwood and shells.

Priss said:

Shawn, love your arrangement….that is so gorgeous! I took my boys to Bull Island when they were younger….still have shells and stuff……part of my “treasures” collection. I always wanted to return to go to the “boneyard” part of the island, but never did….now you have inspired me to do that!!

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