December 15, 2008

My name is Tasha and I eat poop.

Tasha Cute

We live on a small farm and have a dog that needs to be walked on a leash at least five times a day (on the farm). I promise you that was not the plan when we bought her a year and a half ago. I expected, like our first dog, we would train her using the electric fence and eventually get to the point where we could let her out and in as needed. There is one problem with this plan, Tasha is obsessed with deer poop and we have a lot of deer. She eats it, rolls in it, and plays in it. Guess I should have thought about the implications of getting a dog called a “Teddy Bear” . Good gracious, she is lucky she is so cute.


Down home friends and what they say...

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colleen said:

I’ll remeber not to kiss her lips:) Thanks for the warning!

BTW: It is a good thing she is sooooo cute !

Nancy said:

Our dog used to roll in horse poop. Things could be worse.

Michaela Bubier said:

My dog Gracie likes to eat deer poop too!

Karen said:

Oh yes - I hear you. My dogs (we have six, down from ten:) LOVE dead salmon! They actually EAT it, roll in it - I mean the smell . . .we live on a creek that has spawning salmon every fall, one season there were hundreds of dead salmon everywhere! One thing I found, quite by accident, was Febreeze fabric spray. I spray a bunch on my hands and rub down the dogs - after it dries it does a pretty decent job with the smell. A bath is ok, but it doesn’t really get rid of the smell.

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