May 14, 2009

Mothers Day Gift


EVERY DAY as I take the journey of Motherhood, I wonder…what imprint am I leaving on my girls. I sometimes get unbalanced with THINGS that DON’T matter much to them like blogging, career, and events outside my home. I work hard to control those times, but they do happen.

When I left last weekend for INSPIRED, I was feeling completely OVERWHELMED by what I had to do to prepare for the event. I was also feeling a bit GUILTY about leaving my kids and husband during Mother’s day weekend…especially when there is so much to do on the farm right now.

Keeping perspective can be hard sometimes. When I am feeling this way, I try to remind myself that I can’t remember what I got for my 5th birthday, conversations over dinner, what I wore to my 10th grade dance, or exactly what I did to be grounded for the umpteenth time in high school. What I do remember about my childhood were the daily rituals like my Mom reading to me at bedtime, family gatherings for reunions and vacations, and most of all, being loved by my parents.
When I returned home at 10:30 am, on Sunday morning, my littlest petite came running out of the house to hand me a bag of HANDMADE gifts for Mother’s day.

Our children do have ways of bringing us right back down to earth don’t they? Julianna reminded me that the simple things can mean the most. Keeping a mindful eye on the daily rituals like wake-up time, bed time, goofy dance rituals (and we have them), the individual way you tell your kids you love them…these are the things that will stay with them forever.

AND my little petite thinking I am HAPPY…well….as their mother, if I can teach them that life can be easier when you are HAPPY…I will have accomplished something in my life.


Down home friends and what they say...

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Valerie said:

Great sentiments. It’s true too…I can remember a few special gifts or meaningful parties from my childhood, but more importantly, I recall family dinner EVERY night at 5:30 PM, watching the Love Boat and Fantasy Island on Friday nights, and setting out the breakfast bowls each night before bed. These are the things that I want to pass on to my children too…the everyday routines and rituals that create safety and security in a loving environment.

Your handmade gifts from the littlest petite are precious!


annielnb said:

So true. I remember the traditions, the rituals we did as a family, Saturday mornings meant a real homecooked breakfast since Mum worked outside the home, every night we had dinner as a family. Every morning I remember my Mum in her office up before everyone else praying. She still does this at 73! I want my daughters to have that constancy and security as well. Great post Shawn!

Rebecca said:

What more could you ask for? How very sweet and genuine! But then, you deserve it!

Lisa said:

What a beautiful blog and wonderful post. I could not have said it better. Thanks!

Desiree said:

Oh Shawn, this is so true! How sweet your cards are!!!We always have a grand breakfast for the boys in the morning with candles and music playing,it creates a calm and happy mood…they eat and talk and study before school,..They leave the house with a kiss and a song in their heart!…..On Sundays we always make the Swedish pancakes, and we relish our family hiking trips… much as possible,….and there are many others…..The greatest gift a dad can give his children is to love their mother, and the greatest gift a mother can give her children is to be Happy!!!,…… :)

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