July 28, 2010



Dearest Daughter,

As I was about to leave you at your first overnight camp experience, you looked up at me with your beautiful eyes and asked, “Mom, what do you think I should sign up for while I am here”? I was filled with excitement about all of the possibilities you have at camp…horseback riding, tennis, art, drama, dance, gymnastics, sailing, archery, community service projects, etc, etc. and normally, would have been more than inclined to give you a list of exactly what I think you should sign up for while at camp. Instead, I took a deep breath and answered with a smile, “I can’t give you that answer. This experience about YOU figuring out what YOU want to do while at camp”.

When children are little, parents often try to expose children to many different activities. We sometimes fill your extra time with things WE think are important or that WE have a personal preference for instead of taking the time to watch and listen. Our nature as mothers is to want to solve your challenges, take care of your every need, and do what we think is best for you at all times.
As you are growing up and changing, I too have to change my nature a bit. I need to give you a little more space to figure things out for yourself, to solve your own challenges, and to start making choices that are best for you. You are away from me for one month and although I miss you greatly, I am mostly filled with great anticipation about learning more about YOU.
I can’t wait to hear about what YOU loved, what YOU chose to do, and what YOU learned about yourself while away from home. Daddy and I look forward to hearing about which activities you chose…did you find a brand new passion or did you continue with an existing one. Did you make a lot of friends or did you bond with a small group. We want to know if you were homesick and how you worked through those feelings. We can’t wait to hear about your tent inspections to see if you keep your tent like you keep your room (wink) and what it was like to share a room for the first time in your life.

There is so very much I will learn about YOU and what makes you so uniquely perfect and special in every way. I can’t wait!

Love, Love,



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Bobbie said:

Shawn, What a beautiful letter to your daughter. Did I tell you at Alexandra’s Happiness Weekend that I have raised a grandson since his birth? Well, he is off to the University of Portland with a full ride scholarship in 29 days. I am where you are at with the questions to be, after he settles in. Having a boy is tough because they are not forthcoming with easy answers. I love the pictures of your beautiful daughter! (She has a wonderful Mother)! ~Happiness & Smiles~ Bobbie

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