January 22, 2009

Kitchen Update

Recently, we have been working on updating our kitchen update from 9 years ago. We have loved the kitchen but were ready to add a little color and texture to the room. So we painted the kitchen and added some new tile.

We also wanted to find a way to get rid of the “stuff” living on the counter.

Including the “tree a day” coming home from school.

In order to do meet these needs we decided to add a few more cabinets.


I am excited about the additional storage space. In order to finish the installation, we need to order a few more “filler pieces” before we mount them (always a glitch) and then add the crown moulding to the top. So far, I “likey” what it does for the room.

A few more items to complete the “updated-update”:
-Move Electric
-New light over the island
-New countertop on the island
-Blue/White Pottery accessories

…in due time “Buttercup”, in due time.

Would love a few ideas for a lighting fixture for the space.


Down home friends and what they say...

Comments (2)

maribeth said:

Cabinets look great!!!

Kim-HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said:

What a beautiful kitchen!

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