June 3, 2009

It’s my 39th BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Shawn’s 5th Birthday
Shawn’s 39th Birthday

I am not shy about my birthday…in fact, it is because of how much I love my birthday that our family started the Buttercup Farm Birthday Week tradition. I am one of the few people I know who announces their birthday from the hilltop…I usually throw myself a party or arrange an EVENT to CELEBRATE the day I was born. Age hasn’t bothered me thus far. I don’t know why this is…but I think it might have to do with how I view life. I do know that I especially LOVE birthdays that end in “9″. The 9’s are significant…the year before a new decade begins and a good time to reflect…

A lot has happened since my last “9″…”29″.

When I turned 29, I was not yet pregnant with my first or second daughters, I hadn’t had a miscarriage, I hadn’t left the career and company I had worked for since college graduation. When I was 29, my Mom, my Dad, and my BEST friend all lived in the same state I do. At 29, I hadn’t started “renovating” my farmhouse, or purchased our business.

Turning 30 was the beginning of many LIFE CHANGING EVENTS….I birthed and raised babies, grew up in my marriage, built a home-life, started family traditions, and committed to helping my husband build our businesses.

As much as I have LOVED these events…I am HAPPY to report that…NONE of them have been “EASY”. In fact, most have been a lot of hard work, challenging, and sometimes very difficult. At 39, I am able to see that the hard work, trials, challenges, and “failures”, are the exact things that have given me opportunites to GROW…and…A GROWING ME, IS GOOD!!!

10 years ago….I CARED a lot about what people thought of me and I let fear hold me back more than I’d like to admit. I liked to be RIGHT, more than I liked to find SOLUTIONS. AND…my opinions on child rearing….just plain NAIVE.

10 years ago, I didn’t know that my husband would get up every night with my babies so that I could get a good nights sleep. I didn’t know that he would be the AMAZING father that he is or that he would FULLY support my dreams. I didn’t know that he and I would build business(ES) together…a few of which would not make it. I couldn’t have imagined that we would be so LUCKY…LUCKY enough that we REALLY ENJOY working, playing and dreaming together. I didn’t know that in difficult times, our marriage would get stronger, not weaker. I didn’t know that I would MARRY HIM ALL OVER AGAIN if I had the opportunity.

10 years ago, I didn’t know how much I would ENJOY MY CHILDREN or how much they would TEACH ME everyday. I didn’t have a clue how much RICHER my life would be because of MY family and the experiences we share together. I didn’t know that EVERY decision, action, and word that I share with my girls will effect them…in some way.

10 years ago I couldn’t have imagined how new friends would come into my life as quickly as some friends have moved on…OR that the friends who have stayed constant through this last decade are more valuable to me than all the RICHES in the world.

10 years ago, I didn’t know that I would dance or play flute again. I didn’t know that I would have the opportunity to WRITE and CREATE everyday. I didn’t know how INSPIRED I would feel at 39 or how excited I would feel for the possibilities of my 40’s.

10 years ago, I didn’t know that EMBRACING THE JOURNEY is the best part of doing anything and that my mantra would be to LIVE LIFE WITH PASSION.

Alot has happened since “29″! Reflecting back on my last decade I SEE the BENEFITS of GROWING OLDER, more than I see the detriments. I am grateful for the experiences, the love, and how much I have grown into what I think…is a better ME.


Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

How could I NOT look forward to the next 10?

Also, don’t forget…it is “A Beautiful Life” Friday over at The Inspired Room . Take a few minutes to check out all of the post links you will find there. It is a great weekend treat!


Down home friends and what they say...

Comments (27)

Aileen said:

Happy Birthday, Shawn! Hope you have a lovely day!

Meg said:


artist in NC said:

Dear sweet Shawn…Happy Birthday to you! Your outlook on life is priceless and the very reason I keep returning to this blog. I want to drink it up! You have created a beautiful way to live…now go out there and enjoy every day. I know you will.

Erin said:

Dear Shawn, YES, how could you NOT look forward!!!!! I totally loved my forty’s and am now enjoying my fifty’s!! Happy birthday to you!!!!! You have a wonderful attitude and I love hearing your voice through your writing. Your blog is delightfull and so beautiful! Have a great day! Celebrate!!

tracy porter said:

Darling SAHWN!!!
Happy birthday to you!! Wishing you all the beauty that you deserve!! I for one am better for knowing you!!!
kisses, and glorious birthday wishes!!!

Valerie said:

Happy Birthday, Shawn!

May this next decade bring you many more wonderful life celebrations.


Anne-Marie in WI said:

Happy Birthday, Shawn! Hoping you have as beautiful of a day as your writings are about your past ten years. I wish you all the best and another spectacular ten years!

Lisa said:

Happy Birthday! What a great outlook you have (and had the last decade). Enjoy your day!

~*~*~*~Sandi said:

Happy Birthday Sweet and Precious Shawn!
(Glad that you enjoyed your Hallmark e-greeting too) :0)
As Tracy said so beautifully, we are all ‘bettering for knowing you”!
I LOVED what you wrote about turning 39. Loving reflections…
I loved my 40’s too… and am happily enjoying my 50’s… and look forward to 60’s and on. If Miss Shirley can be having such fun at 82… why not the rest of us? :)
sending love your way… go blow some bubbles for m! ~*~*~*~Sandi

LadyEM said:

Here is to the last 10 years, and many more!! Happy Birthday Sweet Shawn!

Jen@thecottagenest said:

Happy Birthday! I think it’s so awesome to find someone that enjoys their birthdays so much! What’s not to celebrate, right?

James said:

I hope you have a wonderful birthday! I gotta tell you, I love having you as my big sister. You inspire me to do great things with my life, and show me that anything is possible with the right amount of hard work.

Melanie Tindale said:

Great reflections - what a wonderful post! Happy Birthday!!!

Dawn said:

Happy Birthday Shawn~I love being able to count myself as one of your “new friends”…Wishing you a GLORIOUS birthday and decade ahead!


Mary Ann said:

Shawn! I love ALL you said. Everyone should be as introspective and grateful as you are. They should be as JOYOUS too! Jump in two pools today! Happy Birthday!!
Love, Mary Ann

Diana Dellos said:

Happy Birthday, girl!!! Have a great day! Love reading your posts

gretchen said:

Shawn, I believe the best is yet to come for you…May this be the start of a fabulous year!!!

Desiree said:

Happy Birthday Shawn! Here’s to another great 10, and then another 10 and so on to infinity and beyond!!!! I hope your birthday week is tremendous and full of incredibly happy moments!!!! You are a shining light in the world, sooo let your light shine BRIGHT sista!!!!!!!!
Much Love,
xoxoxo Desiree

Rebecca said:

Your vibrance radiates from every word, every image, and every beautiful pore of your body!

I’m so glad to know you - it seems like we’ve been friends all along - and so grateful that you were there the MOMENT I was ready to step into the biggest, most exciting new phase of my own life - ready with such a fantastic expression of your own personality and philosophy that I couldn’t do anything but want the same for myself.

Many, many happy returns of this day - and knowing you, there will be, and they will be BETTER and BETTER with each year!

I loved what you wrote today and congratulate you for living your life with obvious, divine, overflowing passion!

Love, love,

Michaela said:

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!! I love you so much! Save me some cake!

Cameo said:

SHAWN love,….HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! …….Let the SUN….. shine on you,…. the entire week………go outside,…..and sit your pretty self in a chair on your patio…….throw your gorgeous head back,…….. and feel the WARMTH and LOVE from the sun’s rays….. on your face………..know that YOUR LIFE has purpose,………………… and THANK the GOOD man upstairs…………..next love,………THANK your glorious MOTHER for bringing YOU into this world…………….and finally,………know that CAMEO loves you!!!!!!

Kim in CA said:

Shawn, Happy Birthday. Love the 10 yrs. story. I can relate very well. You are amazing!

Jennifer said:

Shawn-Happy Birthday!!!Your writing about the past 10 years gave me goosebumps. You are so eloquent , thank you for sharing your wisdom and positive outlook with all of us. I will be raising a glass to you tonight!

Jenna @ Newlyweds said:

You are so right birthdays should be celebrated and all week even better. What a truly inspiring birthday post!!

Happy Birthday to you!!

Oh and your pictures are too cute, your beautiful!

kasey said:

What a great out look on birthdays!!! Beautiful family you have. You look awesome by the way.

sha said:

We are at our best in our 30’s! Until we hit 40, that is. :) I hope your birthday was filled with joy.

kelly g said:

Happy Birthday Shawn,
I loved the timeline you shared! And I love that you love your birthday. I am a little bit like that…I shout my from the front door, not a hill top, but I might let some of your zest for life rub off on me. I have to admit, this year will be my 49th, so I have a few on you, but I will look at it my 9’s differently.
I hope you had a great day! I really enjoy visiting you here and I love how your sweetness comes out…

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