February 17, 2009

It’s a ZOO around here!

Once in a while I find a toy that is treasured by the petite ones. I found this “Zoo in a Box” in a darling little shop in Mystic, CT. I melted the instant I saw it and so did the girls.

Last night before bed, my little Poppy (JJ) was working away on a project.
“I’m building my ZOO and I can’t go to bed until all the animals have homes” she declared.
“These two shawe* a woom*, just like “tulip” and I want to tonight….can we have a sleepovew* in our wooms tonight?’ she asked ….”No, darling”, I answered, “weekends but not a school night”….”They’re both named Stwipe”*, she said.
*Replace all “w” with “r” to decode her sweet language.

This morning I was feeling like these little critters need room to run so I let them out of their cages (and we needed room on the breakfast table).
They needed a little fresh air before….
It was back in the box…
…until next time our little animal friends.


Down home friends and what they say...

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suzanne said:

Oh, I remember such a dialect…….how I miss those days. I look forward to being a grammy!!! :)


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