July 19, 2009



I am not sure how long labor lasted…but I am sure it was longer than usual. Poor, poor, Mama…she did it without an epidural too. She is the “au natural type” ya know. We are thinking that we possibly have a triplet situation on our hands….maybe quads. Perhaps I should contact TLC…I hear they might have a time slot available for a new “multiples” show.

She has recovered well…I think she is even fitting in her old feathers again.


Down home friends and what they say...

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artist in NC said:

Your writing is so witty and very good! So…are you making a 1 egg cake?

Kim in CA said:

Wow! was a double yolk? We get those everyday now…..I guess because our hens are young? How many chicks do you have?

Kelly said:

Every once in a while one of my hens will lay a big egg like that. I just kind of pucker up when I think about what she went through.
And it is usually double yolk.

Rebecca said:

Love the photo - is it one of yours? I can sympathize - my son was a 10 pounder!

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