April 23, 2009

History of Buttercup Pt. 2

GIRL in High School
This past weekend was GIRL’s 21st high school reunion which got GIRL thinking about her high school experience.
This is GIRL’s senior picture. Influenced by the great actress, Molly Ringwald, who starred in GIRL’s favorite cinematic art films like, Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club, and her absolute favorite, 16 Candles, GIRL had ASYMMETRICAL hair for over two years.
GIRL was very involved in HIGH SCHOOL. Co-Captain of the Pom Pom Squad, Student Government for 3 years, and a VERY BIG SOCIAL LIFE.
GIRL had really smart friends in High School which made her feel smart sometimes. But GIRL was only a 2.5 GPA student because GIRL didn’t like to study or go to school all that much. GIRL got away with a lot in school because she was a bit of a brown-noser. In fact, once GIRL failed English but GIRL’s teacher couldn’t give her an F because GIRL had fooled TEACHER by participating in class a lot and being a big HELP. School policy stated that you had to give at least four weeks notice in order to fail a student, which TEACHER didn’t do. TEACHER was not happy with GIRL. GIRL did work harder the next semester.
GIRL just wanted to have too much fun. GIRL knew that GIRL was going to have to spend a year in Community College because of GIRL’s choices, but that was ok with GIRL. GIRL graduated from University of Maryland 5 years later anyway, with HONOR’s (ok, not HONORS but with pretty good grades). FUNNY thing too…GIRL graduated with an ENGLISH DEGREE.
How did GIRL get away with all the shenanigans? GIRL had a mother who was 38 years old when GIRL graduated High School. MOTHER was a bit too COOL and LAIDBACK about some things… Including academics. MOTHER let girl have a lot of LEE WAY. When GIRL was a JUNIOR in high school she convinced LAIDBACK AND COOL MOTHER to let her live at the BEACH for a summer with SEVEN other KIDS.
GIRL’s MOTHER also gave her alot of LEE WAY about choosing her SENIOR PROM DRESS. This is one place where MOTHER should have put her foot down! Oh, how I LOVED that BURLINGTON COAT FACTORY DRESS.

GIRL had a good time at her high school reunion. GIRL has CHANGED a lot since HIGH SCHOOL. GIRL now wears LEOPARD instead of SATIN!

To learn more about the History of Buttercup click HERE.


Down home friends and what they say...

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Desiree said:

My goodness you are incredibly great at photo journaling!!!,…loved this and it is sooo funny!…my mom is only 20 years older than me and Boy!,..did I get away with more than I’d ever allow with my boys!…but, shhh,..don’t tell them!!,…our little secret!!!,..you haven’t aged a bit gorgeous girl!,…enjoy your spring hike!,..we belong to the state parks here in NY and the boys have grown up hiking the waterfall pathways….favorite thing to do because while in nature, children just come alive and they belong all to you!!!….ENJOY!

Meg said:

SO FUN!! Wow, “girl” sure had the poofy 80’s hair do’s mastered…

Great style and lasting youthfulness remain strong traits in your family… wonderful legacies that G & J are inheriting too!

Celine said:

Wow I love all your “Girl in High School” pictures you look great on all of them. What a fun and great social life you had….Did you imagine your new life at Buttercup Farm? I am Celine from Celine’s Cuisine..TP blogger!

artist in NC said:

Girl was beautiful then and girl is beautiful now!!!!

pop said:

At an age of soft words, loving compassion and parental pride I have come to understand why I didn’t act on the urge to tie a concrete block around GIRLS neck and toss GIRL in the river.

Rebecca said:

Way to embrace yourself at every stage, you Buttercup Goddess!

Dawn said:

GIRL…I LOVE this story…you’ve come a long way baby!!

LadyEM said:

We are just about the same age, Dawn, and I do recognize this hairdo!!!! You were, and still are, adorable!

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