January 10, 2009

History of Buttercup - The Kitchen

kitchen 1

When we moved into the Buttercup, this was our kitchen. It had a lot of “interesting” qualities, including a faux brick facade behind the counter and matching red brick linoleum on the floor. The kitchen included a “cold pantry” (a door/room leading off the kitchen with no heat source or insulation..brrr…it was cold in the winter).

For four years, we worked in this kitchen. During that time we dreamed, sketched, and planned how we would want to enhance it down the road. When coming up with ideas here is what we kept in mind:

  • We both love to cook
  • We entertain a lot and like the feeling of having everyone be part of what we are doing.
  • We wanted the kitchen to feel both a part of the great room and separate (this is a tough one).
  • We wanted to build something that was timeless
  • We eventually wanted to add-on to the house next to the kitchen so the design had to incorporate that idea

We decided to keep the kitchen in the current location in the house and in Y2K, we started the renovation.


I loved the cabinets but there was no way to salvage them.


The wood used to build this house is beautiful. It is so hard, you can barely drive a nail through it. (notice Super Tom on the ladder, he is the one finishing the kitchen now…9 years later…we love TOM!!!)


After 5 months, we finished our new kitchen which looked like this UNTIL 3 MONTHS AGO.


We have loved and enjoyed this kitchen but always felt it need a little “frosting”. For years, I looked at different tiles for a backsplash. Nothing ever did it for me.

EIGHT YEARS LATER, Clearly, I had forgotten about her.


She had been here all along. Before the sketches, dreams, and renovation. She was here, wrapped up in bubble wrap in a box. I had forgotten about her and the 12 other hand painted tiles that David and I purchased and hand carried from Portugal 1998. When I rediscovered her a few months back, I knew…this was why nothing had seemed right for the space. She was meant to be here all along.

kitchen 81

To brighten up the kitchen a bit we thought white subway tiles would be a PERFECTcompliment to our Portuguese treasures.



Almost done…just a few finishing touches to go:

  • Paint the walls, Furrow and Ball “French Grey” No. 18 (Monday January 12)
  • Add two ceiling to countertop cabinets on the stove wall (Friday January 15)
  • Replace island countertop with caesarstone “Blizzard” (To be scheduled)
  • Hang blue and white plates on the wall (weekend of January 15)

I will post pictures next week when the paint and cabinets are in.


Down home friends and what they say...

Comments (4)

Melanie Tindale said:

What a transformation - it’s just lovely!!

Jen@thecottagenest said:

Wow! What a makeover. I can’t wait to see it the rest, especially the farrow and ball paint. I love their colors. I just ordered one of their color brochures and may have to have something color matched as I don’t have any place locally that I can buy it. Good luck with the rest of your project.

Holly said:

That is gorgeous! Fabulous job!

Robin Rane\\\\\\\' ~ All Things Heart & Home said:

Oh I’m deeelighted! It’s just perfect.

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