October 30, 2009

Halloween Traditions

Each year since my girls were born my mom has lovingly made their halloween costumes. Nana asks her “grandgirls” what they want to be for Halloween in July. She takes them to the fabric store and patiently lets the girls hem and haw over which costume and fabric they want for their costumes. It is something they look forward to and treasure.

This year, inspired by something she saw in a magazine, Gaby choose to be a rabbit jumping out of a hat. A good idea living on the east coast since it is pretty nippy at night.
Julianna chose her version of Ariel, she calls “Mermaidia”.
Our attic playroom is filled with my mothers creations…15 in all so far. They are used throughout the year for hours of dress-up, theatre, and fun.


Down home friends and what they say...

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Valerie said:

Oh, my…those are simply adorable! What a seamstress your mother is!

I love that you have kept the costumes over the years (and how could you part with such beautiful handmade creations?) for dress up.

I have done the same thing…although these past couple of years I have donated them to bless another family with children as I no longer have tiny babes and they are infant costumes. I kept last year’s costumes and my little Dorothy and Cowardly Lion played “Wizard of Oz” all winter long.

Fitting for a couple of kiddos living in Kansas!


Rebecca said:

Shawn, your mother is way beyond talented! These are gorgeous costumes, and wonderful, creative choices by the girls!!

Isabella said:

Hey guys i love your halloween costumes! So cute!Great ideas , I wish I would of thought of that.See you soon!!!!!!!!!!!

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