January 28, 2009

Good Dog, Now you get a sticker!

About two years ago, Hubby and I were trying to decide whether or not we were going to try to have a third baby. Long story short, we decided we were very content with our two “Petite-Ones” and went ahead and made that decision permanent. To be perfectly honest though, I was still hankering for something, so I decided on a lap-puppy.


The irony of getting a puppy, is that in many ways they are like babies…but harder. The first year of Tasha’s life was TOUGH. Tasha had a parasite that caused explosive “Diarrhea” for about 10 months (usually at 2am in the morning in her crate–lovely). Once we got rid of that little issue, we were able to enjoy her funny little personality a lot more.

Currently Tasha is the equivalent of a 2-3 year old in behavior. She tests her boundaries and gets into things. It is hard to get mad at her because of how darn cute she is.

Yesterday, Tasha showed up into my office looking like this:


I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw her because these are stickers that I used on the kids’ reward charts when they were little (2-3 years old).


When pulling the stickers off of Tasha, all I could think about was what I used to say to my kiddos when I gave them a sticker– “WHAT A GOOD JOB”…or…”WHAT A NICE WAY OF ASKING”, NOW YOU GET A STICKER!!!!!.


Down home friends and what they say...

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Cameo said:

You are now pulling on my heart strings!…. Tasha is an absolute doll! I wish I could give her a big hug! I am so happy that you made it through the initial puppy stage with her. It is a trial….. I have three little furbabies that live in our home with us and each one has their own story…. There are days (few) when I think I need to have my head examined, and days when I think I could not carry on without them (many). The life and the joy they bring into our home is tremendous ; and the happiness they bring to my daughters face is priceless. So hang in their love, it will get better…..I promise…. XOXO to Tasha for me.

Sarah Turner said:

What a cute dog! It is hard to be mad at them…and that first year is a killer!

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