April 18, 2009

Friday Night Picnic Dinner


I love surprising the PETITES once in a while. Last night we had an indoor picnic. NOSHING on Crusty sourdough (cut into bite sized pieces) with soft herb cheese, English Stilton, and a French Abondance felt so DECADENT. Each of the girls was given a wine glass filled with sparkling lemonade. I added some nice Salami and Prosciutto with sides of olives and pickles. To finish the FEAST, we ate strawberry’s with the stem still on. Feeling completely treated, there were LOTS of GIGGLES during our special spring kick-off PICNIC. Watching the girls delight in the meal and the change of routine, was the highlight of my day!

Do you ever have a SNACKING/PICNIC FEAST FOR DINNER? What do you include?


Down home friends and what they say...

Comments (3)

Rebecca said:

We sometimes have breakfast for dinner, which always gets some giggles. But you’re right - the best ones are outside, not the usual square meal, winging it a bit - thanks for the reminder that it’s getting warm enough to do this again!

Desiree said:

What a beautiful feast!!!….you are such a sweet and fun mama!!!…..This is my favorite thing to do!..my dad, who lived in Germany in his 20s learned all about cheeses and salamis and sourdough bread and we would have these little feasts outdoors on our excursions to the parks!!!… Happy Spring time!

Virginia said:

Your photos are sublime, Shawn! What type of camera do you use? Then…nosy-one here. Do you have photography experience? OK, back to picnics. LOVE (in opera!) yours….our detour from the norm is breakfast for dinner. TTFN.

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