March 26, 2009

Foyer In Progress

A month ago I posted a question about redecorating the foyer at Buttercup Farm. The response was WONDERFUL. So many great ideas for me to consider. This week I decided to JUMP into the project. Here is a little overview of what has been happening. The best part…SO FAR this project has cost NOTHING. I went searching around my home to find all of the goodies. SLAINTE!
(Note: In my video I mention Sarah’s idea and her blog name “incorrectly”…the correct name is Memories On Clover Lane.)

Foyer Transformation from Shawn Stratmann on Vimeo.

Also, don’t forget…it is “A Beautiful Life” Friday over at The Inspired Room . Take a few minutes to check out all of the post links you will find there. It is a great weekend treat!


Down home friends and what they say...

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artist in NC said:

Shawn, how beautiful!!!! Both you and the foyer look lovely! I especially like the rugs, great way to do that. Take a look at Tracy’s new mirrors. Wow!! I also love the oriental figure on the table. Does she have a story? Thanks for letting us be a part of this.

Pam said:

I LOVE it!!! It looks amazing Shawn!

Dawn said:

Shawn!!! It looks great!!! Great idea with the rugs…and I LOVE you “loaded up” foyer table!!! Wonderful!

Tracy Porter said:

I am so proud of you sister!! WAY to GO!! gorgeous makeover on the foyer, and could you be anymore darling! the video was beautiful….you are lovely!!!

Desiree said:

How ELEGANT!!!! Sooo lovely, just like YOU!!!
xoxo Desiree

Sarah Willett said:

you gave us goosebumps today… so proud of you.. the vignette… the ideas… the layers… the filming/editing/extra footage/the music… we smiled and drank it all in… what an inspiration. What a beautiful moment to share with us - lovely indeed!!! have a wondrous day!!!


Rebecca said:

I am smiling to see how you are consistently revealing more and more of your home, your style, and YOURSELF here! Bravo for being so brave, sharing so openly, and getting yourself out there! The foyer looks wonderful - warm, interesting, artful - such lovely adaptations of the ideas you’ve gathered! Keep it coming - the world is watching!

Desiree said:

Hello again! I’ve gone back and studied this gorgeous foyer and showed it to my husband! I love the color in the rugs and then in the bird prints, beautiful! Looks like a Paris Salon… the candles and sconces!…the lamp, the mirror, the statue, the crystal decanter with the bird…Oh MY!!
xoxo Desiree

Cindy said:

Shawn, HI! I’m a TP Durl and a friend of Virginia and Dianne. Just stopping in to say that your foyer is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

LadyEM said:

Shawn — Oh my, so much to love about your new foyer. And I am the one who gave you the mirror idea! I’m going to take a picture of my mirror wall today and e-mail it to you. I love, love, love all the rugs too. Bravo!! Job well done –Emily

Shawn from Buttercup said:


ARTIST…Yes, I saw the Mirrors….oh my goodness, I am drooling…I will definitely have to add one to me to my new mirror collection.
DAWN…The table is the most fun piece…I love changing the tablescape…I have gotten so many great ideas from TP.
SARAH & TRACY…Thank you for noticing the details…
REBECCA…Thank you…you do know how “SHY” I felt to put myself out on video…
LadyEM…I can’t wait to see that picture
CINDY…Thank you for stopping by and for your thoughts…any friend of those two, is a friend of mine!
DESIREE…You are sooooo WONDERFUL…thank you for taking so much time on the Buttercup Foyer…

Mary Ann said:

Shawn -
This so beautiful! Thrown together?? I think not. You must have gone on a major “stuff hunt”. I love the little chairs. (and the little person in it:) Great makeover.
Mary Ann

Jennifer said:

Shawn- your foyer looks amazing! So warm and welcoming, I love the candles lit in the sconces, the sweet nest and bird in the glass apothecary jar and the scattered rugs. And Hello London Wall!!!! Great job.

gretchen said:

Really nice job, Shawn! So pretty…and you look lovely too!

Mallory said:

Shawn, I heard about your foyer on TRACY’s site and had to check it out. It’s beautiful - I love your paint color and the rugs on the floor look great. Good job!

Kim said:

Oh, no, I can’t access the video. It says it is not available! Shawn let me know what to do….thanks so much for sharing. Kim

Virginia said:

Oh, Shawn…how beautiful. I LOVE (in “opera”) your London Wall. And, durl…YOU are a star. Beautiful!

Arleen @ Seasons for All said:

Thanks for sharing! ~Arleen

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said:

Wow! What a great foyer makeover. It’s gorgeous!

Debbie said:

I love what you did with this space. Such great ideas from others. Love the video.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said:

So lovely!

Karen said:

I think the transformation makes the space look larger. Love all the pictures and warm color for the wall. The table has a bit too many things on it (for me) - but beautiful. I liked your warm and gracious commentary:)

A Beautiful Life: The U-Haul Edition | The Inspired Room said:

[...] Kids: The sweet boy I pray for day and night… From last weeks Beautiful Life Friday, see this video Shawn from Life at Buttercup Cottage put together showing the progress on her [...]

natalie meester said:

just found your blog…very inspiring!

Love your foyer!

Diana@TheDevineHome said:

Great job! Repurposing what you have is the ultimate in “green” design.

Isnt’ it amazing how we can gather pieces and parts from around the house and they all work? Your foyer is yet another example of what I tell my clients - we are drawn to certain colors and designs. Doesn’t matter if it’s in a bathroom, dining room, family room or porch - it all mixes and matches to create a “devine” home!

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