March 16, 2010

Fit by 40 - Expanded

Seeing myself in a whole new way, photo by and of Mama.

As I approach June 3, 2010, my 40th birthday, I find myself pushing far beyond my physical “Fit by 40″ goals. In addition to physically fit, I desire to be “FIT” as it relates to finances, familial relationships, future goals, friendships, spirituality and general well-being. Getting fit wholly requires hard work…the kind of work that requires thinking, talking, dreaming and changing. This work demands that I am able to separate my truths from the truths of others and to be able to step outside of “the” box. It requires that I am willing to see things differently in an effort to be true to myself.

Over the past few months I have been working on answering a list of questions leading into my Mid-Life journey. Sometimes, the process of facing the answers is painful, real, and scary. Most of the time I am finding the experience exciting and exhilarating. Finding the time for this type of FITNESS regime gives me the power and strength to make my Mid-Life journey a spring board to a happy, fulfilling, and wonderful life adventure instead of the opposite, a self inflicted and very common “Mid-life crisis”.

FIT BY 40 Questions

  • Where and when do I feel the happiest?
  • What life experiences do my family and I want to have?
  • Where and how will I make a difference?
  • What are my god given gifts and talents?
  • Are my choices serving my family and our values?
  • What hard choices am I willing to make for “financial freedom”?
  • What does it mean to me to be “financially free”?
  • What type of work makes me excited?
  • Needs vs. wants?
  • Scratching below the surface for what constitutes a “want”.
  • How do I clear the clutter that keeps me from being my best self?
  • How do I balance security and status quo against what I dream for my whole of my life experience?
  • How do “sameness” and “acceptance” of “what is” play a part in my life?
  • Where am I allocating my time and does it adhere to my values?
  • How do I give my children an education and life experience that will encourage “thinking” as opposed to “test taking”.
  • How important is it to give children a long stint of an address vs. living in other places?
  • How much risk can I handle?
  • How do I grow my relationship with God?
  • How does community fit into my family values?
  • How do I make family relationships as meaningful as possible?
  • What has GOTTA go in my life?
  • How can I become a better citizen of my country in the second part of my life?

Down home friends and what they say...

Comments (3)

Rocky Mountain Woman said:

Hi, I just found your blog and I love it!

This post reminded me of when I turned 40. I had recently been widowed and decided to go away for a while (leaving the kids with my parents) to try and figure out what to do with the rest of my life! I went to Jackson Hole and sat by Jenny Lake and asked myself some of these very same questions.

Good luck in finding happiness in the second part of your life. It’s a great adventure!

Di said:

Midlife crisis? Are you kidding? My 40’s were THE BEST decade in my life so far. I am now in my 50’s and my 40’s is the only decade I would go back to if possible. I was totally healthy compared to now.

You are going to love the next 10 years.. I guarantee it!

The Blue Ridge Gal

Desiree said:

Happy 40th birthday Shawn! Perhaps you are still celebrating your birthday week. ENJOY and be joy-filled! These are excellent questions. You may find that your answers might surprise you and they could change from day to day depending on your mood……or not…just being connected to your heart and the hearts of your loved ones…..that is key. So, lighten up, be happy and well, don’t forget to be a little silly and celebrate the child within. Now, I would love to know your answers to some of those questions.,,,,I need a little help with the clutter one…. :)
Have a beautiful day!!!! Happy Happy B-day Week!!!

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