January 24, 2009


We have big plans for the farm this summer. WE ARE ADDING FENCING. Once upon a time, the property had fencing that helped contain a menagerie of farm animals. When we purchased the farm it was inhabited by 4 llamas, 4 horses, 6 Irish Wolfhounds, a Jack Russell Terrier and a few kitties. After we moved in and didn’t do much with the farm (in the early years), the fencing was no longer in good shape and we took it down.

As we prepare for a few additions (sheep, chickens, and a colonial garden) this spring, we have been researching a few fencing options. My vision is to include a few types of fences to handle our various upcoming needs.

I ADORE this fence. I would love to surround the property with it. Clearly, being painted, I would call it a HIGH MAINTENANCE FENCE. I took this picture over 10 years ago at Longwood Botanical Gardens and have never forgotten it. I love the color and the mesh-wire on the bottom section which would help to keep out the little critters (bunnies, skunk, groundhogs).

The fence below is a CHARMING solution for keeping the fox away from the chickens. I like the pickets with the fishing net thrown over it. We have had some FOX invasions claiming a few of our cluck clucks.


This is one of the most CLEVER examples I have seen to house blueberry bushes. Attached to the horse fence, the PVC offers a roof structure for the netting which will protect the berries from the birds.


I love the idea of outlining the colonial inspired garden with something like this. Isn’t it beautifully natural?

The colonists had protection on their mind with the well designed “fortress” fence. My guess is that this type of fence might help keep the herds of deer (and piles of deer poop) to a minimum. I wouldn’t have any idea who would be able to build something like this today.


I love all of these ideas, however, there is one thing standing in the way. We haven’t started to get pricing for all of these lovely little fencing dreams.


Down home friends and what they say...

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