January 17, 2009

Family Hikes


Hiking is one of our favorite hobbies. Before I met David, I was part of a club that hiked 8-12 miles in the Blue Ridge Mountains on Sundays. When David and I started dating, hiking is one of the ways that I really got to know what he was all about. Unfortunately, when we had children we weren’t able to hit the trails as much as we used to.

One of the greatest joys of this past year is that both girls are now able to hike a fair distance. We look for hiking opportunities when we travel and on weekends. Recently, we hiked 6 miles on a beautiful barrier island off the coast of Charleston, SC. The children found loads of treasures, saw beautiful wildlife and got a ton of exercise–nature does wonders for our kids.

Today I read a wonderful post over at www.simplekids.net called: The Need for Nature: Defined. The article highlights a book written about (a new term) Nature Deficit Disorder and includes some very alarming statistics I think every parent should consider. This article touches on my PASSION for my family. I think nature/natural living is affected by the choices, big and small, we make as families. What do you choose to do on the weekends as a family? What are your choices for after-school activities? Do your children have enough “down time” to play outside? After reading this article, it makes me even more conscious about giving my kids the time they NEED outdoors. A bonus to spending more time outdoors, is that most everything in Nature is FREE, FUN, and EDUCATIONAL!


Down home friends and what they say...

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