April 30, 2009


Not “FAMILIAR” with my five year old, using the word “FAMILIAR” as she did so eloquently at breatkfast this morning. “Mama, I am not “FAMILIAR” with that book” she said.
I am however, becoming “FAMILIAR” with her begging me to wear these FIVE SIZES TOO BIG boots to school everyday….
And “FAMILIAR” seeing THIS face when I tell her no.


Down home friends and what they say...

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Valerie said:

Cute post!

We have “ruby slippers” that are about five sizes too big that our 4-year old is just dying to wear. Fortunately, Target has been selling the toddler version of red glitter slip-ons that substitute well in my daughter’s eyes!

Blessings to you from Kansas (and Toto, ha ha),

Rebecca said:

I can’t help but think of Ramona from the infamous Beverly Cleary books!

What a cutie - and by the way, whose pink cowboy boots are those, anyway? I’m thinking Buttercup Mama has a side she hasn’t shown us yet!!

Rebecca said:

P.S. GREAT photos!

Mary Ann said:

Doesn’t every little girl have a pair of a-little-too-big shoes they are dying to wear??! …….Then you have the a-little-too-small shoes that you can’t get them to take off either:) She’s VERY cute:)

Shawn from Buttercup said:

Rebecca, my friend…TRUTH be told…I WISH I had a pair of PINK cowboy boots…the belonged to my oldest Tulip…who of course begged to have a pair and then never wore them. I am so glad…my little petite…loves to put them on. They should fit her in about 2 years. Mary Ann….you are so right! Valerie…I have seen the REAL ruby slippers at the AMERICAN HISTORY museum…they are magical!!!! I have seen the target version, but they look a little uncomfortable…I’m sure Julianna would love em anyway.

Rebecca said:

Way to go, Julianna - adopting Tulip’s boots for your own purposes!

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