June 2, 2009

Everlasting Rose Bushes

A VIBRANT and LONG LASTING color burst in our summer garden, the Everlasting Rose Bushes are planted in two areas on the farm. The first cluster flanks the sidewalk leading to the house and the second hugs the back patio. Both “gardens” shout hot pink all summer long. Beautiful for cutting and adding to little vessels like the one above OR for leaving the blooms on the bushes.

Some gardeners cut them ALL the way back each winter, but I prefer to have them BIG, FAT, and TALL. We performed a “small prune” this year (for the first time in 4 years) and they are already as big as they were last summer!

I have DREAMS of adding more along the entire front of our property when we add the fence. A spectacle of color on Buttercup Farm for passers-by!



Down home friends and what they say...

Comments (4)

Rebecca said:

They are GLLLLLORIOOOUSS (opera voice)!!!

artist in NC said:

EVERTHING about Buttercup is enchanting…oh how I love these roses!!!

Desiree said:

Is there anything more vibrant ,joyful, and beautiful than hot pink roses???…..My favorite!…. Oh, your roses must be so lovely to look at every day!!!!…..Thank you for sharing!…and I love those blue and white vessels!!!

Desiree said:

I have rethought my initial reaction to your home infidelity post…….after much thought, I think you should buy that other home……then……I can purchase The Buttercup Farm!!!! Lol……it is so enchantingly beautiful and lovely!!! :)

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