March 5, 2009

Emergent Reader



She had to stop to “PANT” as she was reading “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss this morning. I had to stop to “LAUGH”…because that is how I feel when read it too. This book is over 60 pages long. I can’t believe that just a few short months ago we heard from her teachers that she knew only two site words. What is it that clicks for these emergent readers? What a PLEASURE to watch her grow up and become a person who LOVES to read…just like her Older Sister, her MaMa, NaNa, Gran and Gramma Lois. Welcome to the CLUB, dearest…….


Down home friends and what they say...

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suzanne said:

Aww, what a cutie pie, and yes, it is oh so fun to see a new reader “get it”…..good for her! Oh, the places she will go with her newfound talent!


Rebecca said:

Such a proud, happy look - I remember it well in my two children, and you are Super Mama for capturing it on “film!” She will love that you did when she’s looking back!

Please give her my congratulations, and make sure those teachers know it has clicked for her - I think there is something to the “clicking” theory!

Take lots of island photos so we can experience it vicariously! Oh, the colors!! Bon voyage!!!!

Debi Ellis said:

I, too, had an emergent reader who was so far behind in Sept of first grade that his teacher told me he would be held back the next year….he didnt even know all his phonics. By Chrismas break, he caught up and was beyond his classmates in reading words. Bravo to you and your daughter! I hope she has a lifelong love of reading!!

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