April 16, 2009

Edison’s Winter Estate Pt. 2

When I tour any home, I am pretty much out of my mind to spy the kitchen and pantry. Turn of the century homes have similar characteristics that teach us a lot about the way many families lived. I notice that most kitchens are separate from the main living area and often connected to the dining room. For wealthier families who had cooks and housekeepers, it was a way to keep the living spaces separate from the workspaces. Edison’s winter home was designed this way.

Below is a picture of Edison’s dining room. Notice the lighting fixtures shown in both rooms. They are individually styled brass electroliers which were patented and manufactured exclusively for the Edison Company. The pictures don’t do them justice…they are BEAUTIES.
Simple decorating is used adding lovely mahogany antiques (shipped by boat) and a crisp white paint on the walls. It is beautiful yet neutral considering the views of beautiful outdoor gardens and porches.
A swinging door off the dining room opened to a three room kitchen. The first room housed a sink as well as some storage. I imagine all dishes were washed here…closer to the butlers pantry and out of the way of cooking. The second room was a butlers pantry and the third room housed the stove and icebox. I can imagine this space worked well for multiple staff members working in the space.




Even though the Edison winter home is simple and certainly not oversized, I get a total sense that it served the needs of the family who lived there. My favorite design mantras comes from this philosophy…“Design your home/living space for how you live” and “don’t have a lot of unused space in your home”.

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Down home friends and what they say...

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tiffany said:

What a fun tour! It is fascinating to see how people lived in a different time.

Desiree said:

I love this home and have been by it many times, but never inside……Thank you for sharing!!!

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