April 14, 2009

Edison’s Winter Estate Home Pt. 1


I visited the Thomas Edison/Henry Ford winter estates last week and fell in love with each of them for different reasons. Edison designed his winter home, Seminole Lodge, in Ft. Myers, Florida with Architect Alden Frink of Boston. It was constructed in Maine in pieces and shipped down to the Ft. Myers coast for assembly on site.

No bones about it…I am ADDICTED to turn of the century (1800’s-1900’s) architecture and interior design. I love the utilitarian design, the separation of spaces (including the kitchen) and the design details that support the “how we live” concept in design. Take for example the main living space in the Edison Winter Estate. It is divided into several sections…the library, the sitting room, and dining room…all of which were lived in based on their lifestyle.

So well thought out, the writing desk in the library faces the 14 foot porch which faces the river. As letter writing was so integral during this time period, can you imagine a more beautiful view. *Note the setee facing the same direction.
Seeing the porch and it’s surroundings gives a deeper appreciation for the views from the library and living room.

Beautifully contrasted with the dark wood furniture, this bookcase, behind the writing desk was the most special feature in the room.
I MELT over multiple seating areas in a room.
Multiple chairs are strewn throughout the room and a beautiful grand piano sits in the corner. Each show that conversation and music were highly regarded in the Edison family.
It is simply impossible to view this room without an understand of the intention behind the design. Simply stated, this was a living area. Can you even imagine the conversations and entertaining that occurred in this space?

To see a peek at the dining room and kitchen click HERE.
Enjoy some pictures of Mina’s Moonlight Garden HERE.


Down home friends and what they say...

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Deborah said:

Shawn, love this home. Does the porch wrap the entire structure?
Deborah and the gang ~..~ ^..^ ~..^

LadyEM said:

Can you imagine sitting under a porch like that everyday? Oh how your spirits would be lifted no matter the weather or the worries in your world. This is so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing Shawn.

mrs. wright said:

This is beautiful…I enjoy peeking into homes with libraries, sitting rooms and conversation spaces…now tell us…who played the piano? Thanks for such a special post.

Shawn from Buttercup said:

Good afternoon! DEBORAH…the porch did wrap around most of the house and 14feet deep…have you ever seen such a beautiful space for an April afternoon?LADYEM…I agree with you…and YES I so could imagine sitting there everyday. MRS. WRIGHT…it is documented that everyone in the Edison played the piano (including Edison himself) but MINA his wife was the best player!

Kim @ Forever Wherever said:

We live close to this beautiful place and we have a family pass. They have wonderful children’s programs, and I love to walk around the grounds. They are simply amazing with all the exotic plants. I’m so glad you were able to see it!


~*~*~*~Sandi said:

Hi Shawn….
(it’s Sandi from TracyPorter.com blog) and I just wanted to say “Thank you” SO MUCh for these beautiful photos AND for your special descriptions accompanying each one. You are always so gracious and generous in sharing …. and I L O V E what your eye sees through your camera lens… :)
A warm hug and a smile from Cape Cod, ~*~*~*~Sandi

Mary Ann said:

I love that green porch ceiling!
I like that the rest of the world there is GREEN too!
I can’t wait until MY world is a little greeener:)
(except for that yellow potato salad!)
Thanks Shawn,
Mary Ann

Debbykay said:

This is one of my favorite places to go when we are in Cape Coral visiting my parents! I get so inspired from this house. I could just move right in!!!

Happy day,
Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

Terry Kearns said:

This is one of the great houses in one of the great places. It’s kinda’ “wawm” in summer for those with a low melting point. We had 2 of our best pre-children vacations down there.

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