February 3, 2009

Easy Gift Wrap


One of my favorite EASY projects to do with the kids is to set them up to make their own gift wrap for birthday presents. This weekend, Julianna was invited to a party for a little boy in her kindergarten class.

Here is what we used for this project:

  • Plain White Craft Paper (I keep a roll in the house at all times)
  • Solid Color Ribbon
  • Stamps (we used two, one design, one initial)
  • Ink for stamps
  • Plain Cards or Card Stock
  • Markers/Crayons for Card

When making the paper, I let the kids go to town! They can choose any design, stamps, and colors they want. The messier the better as far as I’m concerned. When making the paper, I always take a minute to talk about what their friend might like. The children seem to get more excited about giving their gift when they have taken so much time to create a part of it! And the best part is that the paper is cheaper and more beautiful than store bought.

Here is how easy it is:

First we stamp the paper.

Then we stamp the ribbon.

The “handmade” card is totally up to them to design.

Simple Simon. We wrap the gift and send their beautiful creations on their way!


Down home friends and what they say...

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Michaela said:

What a great idea! I’m inprired!

Michaela said:

sorry. I meant to say inspired.

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