February 20, 2009

Dreams of a Cutting Garden


In a few weeks we will be planting our lettuces, herbs and our “cutting” flower garden. Take a peek into the beginning stages of this process. Happy Weekend!

Cutting Garden Dreams from Shawn Stratmann on Vimeo.


Down home friends and what they say...

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Gran said:

Love your beautiful and exciting blog!! Enjoyed visiting you through this unbelievable media. Looking forward to your cutting garden!

Jennifer said:

Hi Shawn, I’m a fellow blogger from Tracy Porter’s site. Feel like I know you already. Love your blog, your farm is just gorgeous….

So, wow! Look at those raised beds! You are going to have a lovely cutting garden, indeed. Thought I’d share a suggestion that I grew last summer that I just loved (I’m a garden designer in Atlanta), “Love Lies Bleeding”. I know, the name is very Edgar Allen Poeish, but it’s really wonderful for arrangements! Lasts forever, dries wonderfully and adds a beautiful weeping, drapey romance to a bouquet Just a thought! Have a lovely weekend..

Rebecca said:

Shawn - Hooray for putting yourself on camera! It’s so great to see you “in action,” doing what you love! Looks like a promising site for the garden of your dreams…

Jen@thecottagenest said:

I would love to have a cutting garden one day too but I think it will have to wait til the next house. I’ll enjoy seeing yours though!

tracy porter said:

SHAWN!!! I am so proud of you! Nice job…just beautiful YOU….YOU are beautiful and so elegant…and a doll inside and out as we all know!
And…hello…those gardens and your property are divine!
Way to go, and thanks for sharing these and your process with all of us!!….I think i can smell spring through the screen…..or am I dreaming??

artist in NC said:

Shawn dear, this was wonderful. I am singing that in opera!~ LOL I will be following this throughout the entire process. How lovely of you to share. Your property is swoon worthy!

desiree said:

Hi Shawn! Thank you for a lovely video of you and those raised beds! What a joy it will be to watch them grow. Your property is so delightful and enchanting! I had tears in my eyes as I watched your slideshow…sigh…so lovely!!! I found your blog through Tracy Porter’s……She said it best…. so beautiful! Also, love your coral coat! xoxo Desiree

Virginia said:

Oh my goodness, Shawn. Drooling mess that I am - gotta pick my chin up. LOVE these beds and will so enjoy the process/transformation.

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