December 17, 2009



Dreaming about…….

Creating from a place of fearlessness
Chicken Abodes
Friends who are kind, open, thoughtful, adventurous
Farm Animals
Comforting Rituals and Traditions
My husband
Being less hurried
Summer Gardens
Winter Quiet


Down home friends and what they say...

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Peggy said:

I just came across your blog and WoW…I love it! Truly a gift on this cold Tennessee morning. My husband and I own an third generation organic farm just outside of Nashville. We have been very lucky, blessed and worked hard to have had such wonderful PR on our farm. Last year Martha Stewart filmed here, this year Southern Living Magazine is coming to do a feature story…So I am tweaking my limited visual marketing of the farm..yes..I know..good luck when so inexperienced…but I just had to post and say…your site is wonderful and Lord I wished I had your talent…thanks, Peggy

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